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Katie For “For “It Can Wait””

Katie has team up with AT&T for It Can Wait pledge to stop people being on there phones and driving distracted. Katie did a very funny video of two versions of her self in a car one going to look at the phone the other saying why you should never do it. This is Katie’s second don’t text and drive video the first was all the way back in 2009 with her then Melrose place co-star Michael Rady guess all this time later people are still not getting the message. If you would like to take the pledge like Katie you can do so here and join the 21,758,420 people who have.

I took the pledge and so should you. Stop texting and driving.

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New Icons Added To The Site + News

understandably things have been a little slow with Katie news over the last week, The first bit of news we do have is Katie has pulled out of San Jose – Heroes & Villains this coming weekend. So with things being a little slow I have taken the time to make some new icons for the site, new ones are Arrow, Supernatural, The Scribbler and Spin with more coming soon.


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Arrow “6×09 – Irreconcilable Differences” Promo

Here is the promo for the Mid-Season Finale of Arrow that will air on 7th December, No look at Katie in the promo but she is in this episode.

Happy Birthday Katie

We know Katie is going through a difficult time right now but as today is her birthday I would like to sent her a very Happy Birthday from us all here at Katie Cassidy Online and all the love in the world.

Arrow “6×07 – Thanksgiving” HD Screen Captures

Katie was back on last nights all new Arrow for episode 6×07 – Thanksgiving, She did not do a lot and only had three small part’s in the episode but made her make but is dose feel like we were missing something from the last part she did deleted scene maybe. Next week is the big crossover and it looks like Katie will not be in it at all shame would have love to see new Laurel meet Sara but Katie will be back the week after for the mid season final. HD screen captures are now up in the gallery for you all and if you click read more you can watch some of the videos.

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R.I.P David Cassidy

Some very sad news came out today with Katie’s father David Cassidy dying at the age of 67 after beening hospitalized for several days with organ failure. Katie mine and this site’s thoughts are with you and your family in this difficult time right now.

“On behalf of the entire Cassidy family, it is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our father, our uncle, and our dear brother, David Cassidy. David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long. Thank you for the abundance and support you have shown him these many years.”

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Atlanta And Bad News

Earlier today Katie was the the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Atlanta to meet fan’s for photos and autos and she did do some of the day there unfortunately Katie got some heartbreaking news about her dad David Cassidy who is now suffering from multiple organ failure so she had to leave the convention. My thoughts and prayers are with both her and her family in this time and for now there privacy should be respected.

Edit: Katie did come back to the convention for day two the HVFF but left before her panel was to take place with Caity.

Meeting you all means the world to her, so for now @MzKatieCassidy WILL be at #HVFF today.

We hope you’ll help us make today an incredible, positive experience for her, and all our guests!

(We only say for now because should she need to leave early, etc we would absolutely understand. Though for now, her schedule is unchanged).

All candids are CREDIT to there OWNERS we take NO credit for THEM



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Arrow”6×09 – Irreconcilable Differences” Press Release

So the press release and stills for the crossover event is out now and from the look’s of it all Katie will not be in it but the good news is she will be in the winter final 6×09 – Irreconcilable Differences.

BLACK SIREN KIDNAPS LANCE— Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) is kidnaped by Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) and Cayden James (guest star Michael Emerson), who are looking to trade Lance’s life for a weapon of mass destruction. Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Team Green Arrow must figure out a way to save Lance while still keeping the city safe.

Arrow “6×07 – Thanksgiving” Still & Promo

The CW have One new production stills for next week’s upcoming Arrow episode 6×07 – Thanksgiving were are girl is back being her bad ass self again. MQ episode still is now up in the gallery for you all to view.

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Arrow “6×07 – Thanksgiving” Press Release

Look’s like Katie will not be back on Arrow till episode 7 but she will be kicking ass again.

OLIVER AND FELICITY CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING WITH WILLIAM — Oliver (Stephen Amell) celebrates Thanksgiving with his family but the happy moment is interrupted. Meanwhile, Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) returns to wreak havoc on the holiday.

Arrow “6×04 – Reversal” HD Screen Captures

After two episodes away Katie was at last back on Arrow last night for episode 6×04 – Reversal, We got to see a lot more of Laurel and see what her and the new big bad Cayden James had going on. Katie look’s like she is having the time of her life playing evil Laurel and I want to see her vs Oliver soon. HD screen captures are now up in the gallery for you all and if you click read more you can watch some of the videos.

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003.jpg 009.jpg 

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Arrow “6×04 – Reversal” Promo

Unfortunately Katie was again not in this week’s episode of Arrow but she will be back next week for episode 6×04 – Reversal, we now have 2 HQ episode stills up in the gallery for you all and the promo you can watch below

– Arrow > Season 6 > Episode Stills > 6×04 – Reversal

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