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Hello and Welcome to Katie Cassidy Online the longest running fansite dedicated to the talented acctress Katie Cassidy Rodgers. She’s probably most known for her roles as Laurel Lance in the CW serie Arrow and all its spin offs, as the talented Ella Simms in the remake of Melrose Place and her for her film work as the lovable Emma in 2011 Monte Carlo and showing her diverse performanc as Suki in 2014 The Scribbler. Our aim is to provide you with all the latest news, images, career updates and other relevant information regarding Katie as they happen. For the last 10 years we have been striving to make KCO the best online fansite for Katie and all her fans all around the world and we will keep on doing this for the next 10 years - Abby

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06 November 2013

New photos from TomBoyKC.com

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I’ve added 2 new photoshoots from Katie’s site – TomBoyKC.com.

– Studio Photoshoots > Outtakes > Tomboy KC > 011

– Studio Photoshoots > Outtakes > Tomboy KC > 012

18 September 2013

‘Arrow’ scoop

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EW shared with us some scoop about the new season of ‘Arrow’. You can read the whole article here.

As for what awaits Laurel in season 2, which picks up five months after the earthquake that leveled the Glades: “Both Laurel and Oliver are dealing with the death of Tommy. Even though Tommy had broken up with her, she really feels like she betrayed Tommy by sleeping with Oliver — and certainly after Tommy died trying to save her,” Kreisberg says. “So Laurel’s energy this season early on is to try to make amends for that. Unfortunately for Oliver, that means she wants to catch the vigilante in her new job as the District Attorney. So as she and Oliver are trying to deal with their respective grief at having betrayed and lost Tommy, their hunting each other at night. It’s a new and fun dynamic for us to put them in.”

Below the article you can also watch a short video about the character of Laurel and how she developped through the first season.

16 September 2013

ARROW season 1 finale recap

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15 September 2013

Katie Cassidy launched new website

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Katie Cassidy launched a new fashion and lifestyle blog. This is the latest project of Katie and I’m so happy to see it really happen. You can visit the site at TomBoyKC.com
We have been working diligently (and quietly) over the last few months to put together a fashion and lifestyle website like no other, if for no other reason than because we are the ones behind it,” the 26-year-old actress shared in a exclusive statement to JustJared.com!
Katie also added a few photos of a mini photoshoot about what she wore at the New York Fashion Week.

– Studio Photoshoots > Outtakes > 065

15 September 2013

Spoiler about Arrow’s season 2

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Katie Cassidy shared a spoiler of season 2 of Arrow for E!Online.

Liam: Hit me with an Arrow… scoop that is.
“I feel like it’s season one times ten,” Katie Cassidy teases of season two. “I feel like every episode has been so big and I literally did not think when we shot the first season it would get bigger I would just figure it would get smaller. Literally they have taken season two and just have expanded it bigger and it’s just amazing! Expect the unexpected and just know it’s darker.” So not only is she gorgeous, but Cassidy knows how to tease her show. Sometimes God gives with two hands, y’all.