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Aug 2009
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I have just added in some new icons I made from Katie’s time on supernatural. More icons are to come very soon. GALLERY LINK: livejournal icons > TV Shows

Jul 2009
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I have created some new icons for you! I hope you like them. The rest can be found here!

Apr 2009
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Ana has told me about an interview Katie did recently. She talks about Harper’s Island and Melrose Place. Click her to listen to the interview Thanks a lot to Ana 🙂

Apr 2009
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I have scanned and uploaded the autograph I got from Katie at last year’s Asylum Convention 🙂 I wish I could upload pictures for you as well, but they all turned out really crappy 🙁 Click for full size! If there is anything you would like to donate (scans of autographs, convention pictures, etc) send an email to admin[at]katie-cassidy.us. I’m happy about every contribution.