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July 20th, 2020 by Abby

DC Daily Podcast · Arrow’s Katie Cassidy & Juliana Harkavy – DC Daily Interviews 1/28/20

April 30th, 2020 by Abby

E Online!: Can you believe it’s been months since the end of Arrow?

It’s been so many months that the eighth and final season is available on DVD and Blu-ray, as of today, which you gotta admit is perfect for those of us with a whole lot of time on our hands, or at least those of us who could use a distraction from the wild state of the world. To celebrate the release of the season, which also includes deleted scenes, other special features, and a retrospective doc featuring appearances by the main cast, we sat down and had a virtual chat with leading ladies Kat McNamara, Juliana Harkavy, and Katie Cassidy that somehow hit on the past, present, and future.

That future will hopefully include a future-set spinoff series starring the three of them, about which they are feeling pretty confident, but the present is somehow the bigger question mark right now, thanks to the fact that everything—including all TV production—is now put on hold for the forseeable future.

E! News: So how is everybody doing right now? How are you handling this wild time?
Kat McNamara: I’m surviving. Trying to stay creative and find things to do, and stay productive, stay as busy as possible.
Katie Cassidy: Actually this isn’t that difficult to be honest, because I’m just a homebody.
Juiliana Harkavy: Same.
Katie: But it’s really interesting because I feel like I’ve gotten more in touch with my creative side. I also feel like my own contractor, like, hmm, I don’t like this wall. Google how to take down a wall. I’ve been painting cupboards and building things.
Juliana: Outside of checking on everybody’s safety and missing friends, it’s been really peaceful. I’ve been gardening a lot, and just thinking about how to make life a little bit more sustainable on our own without needing to go out, so it’s been good.

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April 28th, 2020 by Abby

Even amid global health crisis, the kickass heroines of Arrow remain a bunch of straight shooters.

In advance of this week’s release of Arrow: The Eighth and Final Season and Arrow: The Complete Series (both on Blu-ray & DVD), Katie Cassidy, Katherine McNamara and Juliana Harkavy gathered on Zoom (in the video above) to talk with us about the long-running CW hit, their favorite moments, and how it feels to be one of the few shows that got to wrap before the lockdown.

“I really feel for the productions that had to stop in the middle and have that anxiety,” says Harkavy, who joined in Season 5 as Black Canary-to-be Dinah Drake. “We are so lucky.”

Noting how “we don’t even know what the industry is going to look like in a few months,” McNamara (who played Oliver and Felicity’s daughter Mia Smoak) echoed her gratitude that Arrow was able to end on its own terms. And all three shared their excitement that the backdoor pilot for a possible Green Arrow and the Canaries spinoff had already aired during the final season — particularly the delightfully unfiltered Cassidy. Over the course of eight seasons, the original cast member’s Laurel Lance went from a Star City assistant district attorney to Earth-2 meta-human villain Black Siren, while the actress added director to her resume.

Should the trio’s series get the greenlight, Cassidy is ready to get back behind the camera. “[Bleep] yeah!” she exclaims, adding that, despite the current quarantine, there are still reasons to be happy out there. “Let’s look forward to something positive.”

And until we get the official word about the future of Canaries, fans of the Arrowverse have these DVD and Blu-ray releases to look forward to. Available starting April 28, the eighth and final season set features all 10 episodes, the show’s 2019 Comic-Con Panel (moderated by yours truly!), the broadcast special Arrow: Hitting the Bullseye, and deleted scenes.

A limited edition bonus disc featuring all five episodes of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover will be included exclusively on Blu-ray. The same goes for Arrow: The Complete Series, which packs all eight seasons and tons of bonus content. Both sets will also be available for digital download.

April 24th, 2020 by Abby

TV Line: As Katie Cassidy awaits word on whether Green Arrow and the Canaries will suit up for The CW, she has an abundance of memories from Arrow‘s farewell run to look back on — and with only a few regrets.

With Arrow: The Eighth and Final Season set to arrive on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, April 28, TVLine seized the opportunity to catch up with the original cast member and revisit Season 8’s highs and lows, including her directorial debut and loads of deja vu. Cassidy also opens up about how the original Laurel’s tragic Season 4 death helped shape the woman she is today.

TVLINE | Ever since Black Siren started spending time in our Star City, the fans were clamoring for some sort of redemption arc. What was important to you about the two-season journey that followed for the character?
Just that her story, in terms of her character, be told and looked at in a way as though it were a separate identity, starting as her doppelgänger. Playing Black Siren, I wanted her to get a sense of depth. I wanted it to feel like she lived a different life, and that actually came down to the writers and myself doing the character backstory, trying to make her as complex and whole as possible. I wanted to have a chance to tell her story of where she came from — and I think we’re still exploring that. That’s what’s cool about this potential spinoff, Green Arrow and the Canaries; we still don’t know the story of how Black Siren, on Earth-Two as her redeemed self, learned what it’s like to be a hero. What has she gone through as we pick up with this pilot in 2040? There is still a lot of story to be told.

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October 26th, 2019 by Abby

E Online – All good things must come to an end, even—and especially—television shows. And in the 2019-2020 TV season, quite a few favorites are signing off.

Will it be for good? That remains to be seen in today’s climate of revival and reboot fever, but it’s for now. To celebrate the end of an era, E! News assembled the stars who are saying “see you later!” to their beloved characters and for a candid look at the past, present and future of their hit shows. After eight seasons on TV, Arrow is saying goodbye.

Arrow launched numerous spinoffs and along the way series star Katie Cassidy was killed off, revived, and bounced around shows. She’s now preparing for another possible spinoff about a trio of butt-kicking women, Laurel Lance (Cassidy), Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy) and Mia Smoak (Katherine McNamara).

Now, Cassidy is honoring the show that ushered in a new era for The CW and superheroes on TV.

My favorite behind-the-scenes memory is…
“One in particular that sticks out. Well, there’s two. First of all, the first time I ever put on the Black Canary jacket, I cried. I’m not going to lie. I was so excited,” Cassidy said.

And then there was the time she was in the middle of an intense and tearful scene, one she tried to remain in the zone for, but on a turnaround she looked at her phone.

“I looked at my phone and I had text messages from John Barrowman. I was like, ‘Oh, OK. This is interesting.’ So, I looked at them. [Laughs.] He basically went into my trailer and, like, pulled down his pants and sent a picture of him, like, sitting on my couch, not entirely naked, obviously…I saw his bum…And then he went over to the refrigerator and took another picture, a selfie of him and his bum, and I just started cracking up. It also was really good, I needed the release, I needed to laugh a little because it was a really intense serious scene,” Cassidy recalled with a laugh. “I also showed [Stephen Amell] who the scene was with and he was like, ‘Oh, god! I don’t want to see that.’ … John Barrowman over all brought so much joy and laughter and so much fun. There were so many fun times when he was around. I loved that. I thought the whole thing was freakin’ hilarious. It was awesome.”

The moment I realized the show was a hit was…
“When I read the pilot before I auditioned.” Cassidy said she after reading the script and meeting with Marc Guggenheim, Greg Berlanti and David Nutter she was on board, noting she really wanted to do an action role. “I’m all for strong women having their own story and they pitched it to me. I remember calling my agent after reading the pilot and said, ‘This is going to be a hit. I don’t want to read any other scripts. I have to play this role. I was born to play this role. This is me.'”

“After we shot the pilot, David Nutter, he took me and Stephen aside, and he said those exact words, ‘The two of you, you were born to play Oliver Queen and you were born to play Laurel Lance. Just immediately, you are these people.’ I thought that was pretty cool I even remember saying to Stephen when we were at Comic-Con the first year, I basically said, ‘Don’t f—k this up. This is going to be a big show and a part of something special.’ And it really has been. I’m so, so fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to be a part of it…It’s almost a decade, it’s eight years, but as it continues.”

The prop/wardrobe item I’ve always wanted to take home…
“Oh, I got to take home that Black Canary jacket,” Cassidy said. After her character was killed off in season four (Cassidy said she didn’t want to leave but took one for the team and said she understood the storytelling choices for killing off Laurel Lance), she asked Guggenheim if she could take home her character’s mask and jacket. Arrow fans know she was brought back on The Flash play a Black Canary doppelgänger from an alternate Earth, Black Siren, and has since rejoined Arrow as a series regular.

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September 29th, 2019 by Abby



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September 1st, 2019 by Abby

August 2nd, 2019 by Abby

Katie Cassidy Rodgers reflects on her Arrow history, looks ahead to final season of The CW’s beloved drama.

August 2nd, 2019 by Abby

Katie Cassidy sat down with BB and other members of the press to talk about the final season of Arrow at SDCC.

August 2nd, 2019 by Abby

Comic-Con press line interview with actor Katie Cassidy Rodgers talking about the final season of The CW television series Arrow.


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The four Arrowverse casts try to answer questions about each other’s shows — who emerged most “super”?

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