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Katie Added To Heroes And Villains Fan Fest London

Great news for all us here in the UK (And me as I am going to it), Katie will be back over here next year for the Heroes And Villains Fan Fest London in May. The convention will take place at Olympia in London from May 27th-28th, 2017. So far there are only three other guest’s Stephen Amell and from Gotham Robin Lord Taylor and Drew Powell. Tickets start from £30 for a day of your choosing to £750 for full VIP experience. Katie will be as usual, signing autographs, doing photoshoots and also join a panel or two over the two day’s.

Macy’s Holding A Back to School event with Katie

Macy’s will be holding some back to school events over at there stores and they have enlisted Katie for some of the events, All you have to do to meet her and get a photo is turn up on August 13th to there shop at Dadeland, Miami and spend $35 on make up that’s it.

Join Macy’s for a meet and greet with TV personality, Katie Cassidy of CW’s hit show Arrow! The first 200 customers to spend $35 or more in mstylelab will get wristband access to meet Katie and take a photo with her!* Get back to the 90’s at our shopping party featuring throwback makeovers, styling tips, fashion must haves, fun music, sweet treats, a photo booth and more exciting surprises! Macy’s Dadeland Fashion Building Saturday, August 13th 1st Floor – Junior’s Department 2:00 PM PLEASE NOTE: RSVP’ING FOR THIS EVENT DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU A SPOT IN THE MEET & GREET!

Katie Melty Interview From SHC2

When Katie was at the SHC2 con last month she did some interviews there and one of them has come out at last. This one is with Melty and in it she talk’s about her death on Arrow and what it felt like to find out it was her, and on the possibility of see her again on one of the DC shows.

Next Level Interview With Katie Cassidy (Video)

The Next Level got to interview Katie at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, She talked about Arrow, getting killed off and if she is coming back.

Our own Ben Beck had an opportunity to spend a few minutes with Arrow’s Katie Cassidy aka Laurel Lance. Katie was a joy to talk to and we thank here for the time she gave us out of her busy convention schedule.

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest New York Day 1

Katie had taken a couple of weekend’s of from covention’s in the last few weeks but is now back at it, This time for Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in New York. Today Katie had the Arrow panel with fellow (past) cast mates Neal McDonough, Charlotte Ross, Echo Kellum and her TV dad Paul Blackthorne, next up for Katie was fan autographs but no word on if she did a photo OP today or not. Below you can read some details from the Arrow panel that have been post by people who were there.

– Katie was asked who would win between Black Canary vs. Ruby? her answer was “Black Canary, come on now!”
– Katie on fave Laurel trait “She’s not afraid to stand up to Oliver or Green Arrow, or anyone for that matter.”
– Katie misses the show and found out before the January Heroes & Villains Fan Fest. It was very hard
– Katie on life after Laurel “It’s been really hard to let go and know that I’m not going to spend the day with these people”
– Paul was asked if Detective Lance would bring back Laurel if he had the chance “Yes, of course, of course! Life without Laurel is unimaginable for him. Of course he’d bring her back if he could”
– Paul says working with Katie has been the best acting experience. then *hugs Katie*
– Paul on Laurel being the Black Canary “His daughters are out there fighting, dressed VERY inappropriately,” teases”
– Katie has been Shocked and flattered by the Arrow fandom’s reaction. And said they are the Most supportive and best fans!
– Katie on leaving and maybe coming back in the future “Things happen for a reason and you make the best of it. Anything is possible thanks to timelines, flashbacks etc”
– Katie said Laurel’s death scene was her saying goodbye to her Arrow family.
– Neal on him being the one to kill Laurel “The hardest thing I’ve had to do as an actor is when I found out I had to kill Laurel”
– Katie said the Arrow Stunt team are fantastic and the Journey of Laurel turning into a hero required a big physical transformation and lot’s of work with them to pull it of realistically.
– Katie Worked with several trainers to get into shape for becoming the Black Canary
– Katie was asked what favorite stunt she did yourself was? “Training with Wildcat”
– Katie on Paul “Paul has been an inspiration and someone I could look up to”
– Katie on her time as Laurel “From end of S1 to end of S4 the whole thing was a journey and transition emotionally and physically” & “Learned more about her craft and learned from amazing actors”
– The Audience cheers when asked if people want Canary and Dark back.
– Katie said she has a great relationship with the costume department. And got to Contributed to the Black Canary design

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– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Heroes & Villains Fan Fest New York July > Arrow Panel – Day 1

Super Heroes Con II – Day 2

It’s a wrap on Super Heroes Con II! Candids of Katie from today at the convention have been added to the gallery.

all CANDIDS are CREDIT to there OWNERS

01.jpg 011.jpg 03.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg
014.jpg 016.jpg 03.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg

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– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Super Heroes Con II > Flarrow Panel – Day 2

Super Heroes Con II – Day 1

Another weekend, another convention for Katie. This time its Super Heroes Con II, in Paris, and she did her first appearance at the convention today! Katie arrived late to the convention but in style as first thing she did was crash Teddy Sears and Shantel VanSanten panel with Arrow co-star Emily Bett Rickards! Up next were Photo OP’s and Katie’s panel with (sniff, oh Tommy) Colin Donnell! Candids from the day are now up in the gallery, as information from the panel bellow and couple of videos from today. Enjoy!

-Katie said “I knew when I put on the black jacket that was when I was becoming the Black Canary finally – I cried!”
-It was showrunner’s not actors’ decision for Tommy to quit show, and for Laurel too.
-Villain Hero or lawyer? Katie answered “Tie between Black Canary and Black Siren, lawyer was hard jargon!”
-Katie said Paul Blackthorne surprised her being so upset when found out Laurel was in grave!
-Katie said she cannot say anything about her new movie and that she hasn’t seen it yet but she heard from the pre-screening that it was scary.
-She also said she couldn’t say which video game she was working for, she said it was something as badass as Lara Croft.
-She talked about shooting Monte Carlo and how close she was to Leighton. And that she felt like a big sister to Selena because when they met Selena was starting to date Justin Bieber and she needed advice on what to do or not and they used to do slumber parties.
-She talked about Supernatural how it was her first regular role and how Jared and Jensen were always joking around.
-She said that it was really challenging to play Suki and that her psychologist even made her meet a person with multiple personalities disorder in order to understand more what her character would be like.

all CANDIDS are CREDIT to there OWNERS

012.jpg 014.jpg 011.jpg 017.jpg 020.jpg
002.jpg 010.jpg 012.jpg 014.jpg 018.jpg

– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Super Heroes Con II > Teddy/Shantel Panel – Day 1
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Super Heroes Con II > Photoshoots – Day 1
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Super Heroes Con II > Katie/Colin Panel – Day 1

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Dallas Fan Expo Day 2 & 3

Katie did two more day’s at the Dallas Fan Expo last weekend, both days she did autos and photoshoots with the fan’s. I have added in candids from both day’s to the gallery and you can now watch the full panel she did on day one below.

all CANDIDS are CREDIT to there OWNERS

– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Dallas Fan Expo > Autographs & Misc – Day 2
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Dallas Fan Expo > Photoshoots – Day 2
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Dallas Fan Expo > Autographs & Misc – Day 3
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Dallas Fan Expo > Photoshoots – Day 3

Dallas Fan Expo Day 1

A new weekend and new convention for Katie, This time she is at the Dallas Fan Expo and she did her first day yesterday with fan autos, photoshoot and a panel. Candids from the day are now up in the gallery

-Katie would LOVE to be a reg on The Flash was either character now that Flash’s timeline has changed
-Katie says “Stay tuned” very devilishly about future crossovers.
-Katie thought the grave was a dream sequence and no one would die
-Katie said the scenes with her and Caity mean the most to her.
-Katie wants a show lead by just villains. Lit.

all CANDIDS are CREDIT to there OWNERS

– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Dallas Fan Expo > Autographs & Misc – Day 1
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Dallas Fan Expo > Panel – Day 1
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Dallas Fan Expo > Photoshoots – Day 1

Katie’s Mega Con Panel Video

With a BIG thank you to Nerdsand Beyond who were at Katie’s panel at Mega con and who send it to me for you all to see.

Katie says new projects is a new thriller film
“Malcolm’s new love interest is Black Siren.”
Would Katie like to face off against caity as Black Siren vs White Canary? “Ooh yes.”
Katie recently found out she’s going to be the lead in a badass woman video game! Katie is a gamer!
Katie says favorite moment was the end of season 2 when she put on the jacket
“I do hope there will be more.” Katie talking about Black Siren
Which costume did Katie prefer? Black Canary or Black Siren? She can’t pick! “They’re so cool!”
“This is what he looks like. He’s really hot.” -Katie on learning what the Green Arrow & Stephen looked like
Katie really wanted to do some action and kick some ass as Black Canary
loved getting to play the villain in Black Siren on The Flash. “It’s fun to play bad
Katie says that it was sad that Laurel had to die but she understood it from a story standpoint

Again thanks Nerdsand Beyond .

So I Got To Meet Katie!!!

Well I just got back from the City Of Heroes 2 con that took place over the weekend, And at long long last got to meet Katie. She had to pull out of the Saturday as she torn her bicep but did make it for the Sunday. I got to have two photos with her but at this time I only have one of them, and be one of the lucky one’s to get her auto the only bad thing was I did not get to see her panel as it was in Hall 2 and I was Hall 1 still not happy about that one. Katie her self was lovely and very sweet with all her fans despite being rush of her feet and being in a lot of pain for the looks of it. I did only get to talk to her a little when I was getting my autos and gave her my Scribbler cover and she stop looked up and said she was very happy I had this and when I said back it’s a great movie she said “that means a lot to me” very sweet and made me so happy. I have post my photo with Katie and so so sorry for the look on my face I call it the “OMG I’M STANDING NEXT TO KATIE” look not my best. And If any one has websites on any of the other people who were at the con and would like photos please email me about them, And if people want to see some of my candids you can on my tumblr page Ayaba

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Katie In Miami May 08, Candids

Katie was back in her go to holiday destination of Miami for a couple of days before she headed of to London to day for the next couple of day’s before she will be going to COH2. I have added in HQ candid of her from yesterday (May 08th) to the gallery.

– Out And About > 2016 > May 08th, 2016

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