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Hello and Welcome to Katie Cassidy Online the longest running fansite dedicated to the talented acctress Katie Cassidy Rodgers. She’s probably most known for her roles as Laurel Lance in the CW serie Arrow and all its spin offs, as the talented Ella Simms in the remake of Melrose Place and her for her film work as the lovable Emma in 2011 Monte Carlo and showing her diverse performanc as Suki in 2014 The Scribbler. Our aim is to provide you with all the latest news, images, career updates and other relevant information regarding Katie as they happen. For the last 10 years we have been striving to make KCO the best online fansite for Katie and all her fans all around the world and we will keep on doing this for the next 10 years - Abby

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05 December 2018

Katie’s Instagram live Video

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Katie did her first Instagram live video today getting on a plane with Matthew to head off to there wedding ahhhhhh, Katie did not say were it would be or when but I am guessing within the next couple of days.

26 January 2017

Katie’s Live Facebook Video

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Last night Katie did a new facebook live video called Cooking with Katherine, She was cooking turkey with gluten free paster and said in the video that she had just moved into her new house in LA, was playing Skyrim right now and is PS4 all the way and of course we got to see her two cat’s in the video. You can watch in 10 minute video below.

18 December 2016

The Secret to Getting Every Gift (and Dress!) This Holiday Season

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Katie took part in a little video segment for WhoWhatWear with Amazon Prime about Christmas shopping and some ideas on what to get people, You can watch the video below and caps / promo photo from it are up in the galley as well.

While the holidays may be the most wonderful time of year, there’s no question the pressure is on when it comes to scoring the best gifts for your nearest and dearest. For this special holiday episode of Unboxed, we’re revealing the secret to getting all your gift-giving done in one swift click with Amazon Prime. Watch the video above featuring Arrow actress Katie Cassidy to get perfect gift ideas for everyone on your list, stat.

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01 October 2016

Behind The Scenes of “Cover Versions”

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Hello Katie fans! This Thursday Katie had some time while on set of Cover Versions for a small Facebook Q&A where she speaks a little bit about the movie (spoiler alert, she sings in it!) You can watch the video bellow, plus we’ve uploaded to the gallery more behind the scenes pictures shared on social media!

015.jpg 017.jpg 020.jpg 023.jpg 024.jpg

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18 September 2016

What’s the ultimate binge-watching experience? We asked your fave stars

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Stars, they’re just like us: They want to binge-watch their favorite shows with a maximum level of comfort.

On the red carpet at Friday night’s EW Pre-Emmys Party, actors and actresses from Shameless, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, Arrow, and Rocky Horror Picture Show explained just how they like to binge-watch their favorite shows – especially Stranger Things.

“I was really upset there were only eight episodes,” Arrow star Katie Cassidy said. “I was like, ‘Come on!’

09 July 2016

Arrow’s Katie Cassidy Talks Black Siren Backstory & Meeting Gail Simone

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Arrow’s Katie Cassidy talks about creating backstory for Earth-2 Laurel Lance a.k.a. Black Siren, meeting DC Comics’ Gail Simone, and more at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, New Jersey.

11 June 2016

Super Heroes Con II – Day 1

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Another weekend, another convention for Katie. This time its Super Heroes Con II, in Paris, and she did her first appearance at the convention today! Katie arrived late to the convention but in style as first thing she did was crash Teddy Sears and Shantel VanSanten panel with Arrow co-star Emily Bett Rickards! Up next were Photo OP’s and Katie’s panel with (sniff, oh Tommy) Colin Donnell! Candids from the day are now up in the gallery, as information from the panel bellow and couple of videos from today. Enjoy!

-Katie said “I knew when I put on the black jacket that was when I was becoming the Black Canary finally – I cried!”
-It was showrunner’s not actors’ decision for Tommy to quit show, and for Laurel too.
-Villain Hero or lawyer? Katie answered “Tie between Black Canary and Black Siren, lawyer was hard jargon!”
-Katie said Paul Blackthorne surprised her being so upset when found out Laurel was in grave!
-Katie said she cannot say anything about her new movie and that she hasn’t seen it yet but she heard from the pre-screening that it was scary.
-She also said she couldn’t say which video game she was working for, she said it was something as badass as Lara Croft.
-She talked about shooting Monte Carlo and how close she was to Leighton. And that she felt like a big sister to Selena because when they met Selena was starting to date Justin Bieber and she needed advice on what to do or not and they used to do slumber parties.
-She talked about Supernatural how it was her first regular role and how Jared and Jensen were always joking around.
-She said that it was really challenging to play Suki and that her psychologist even made her meet a person with multiple personalities disorder in order to understand more what her character would be like.

all CANDIDS are CREDIT to there OWNERS

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002.jpg 010.jpg 012.jpg 014.jpg 018.jpg

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16 April 2016

(Video) Katie Cassidy on Amazon’s Style Code Live

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Katie was yesterday on Amazon’s Style Code Live, where she spoke about TomboyKC fashion and beauty tips! You can watch the interview bellow, a big thank you to Beat Things for uploading the video!

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14 September 2015

(Video) Katie Cassidy talks ‘Arrow’ and What to Pack for Fashion Week

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The TV star talks with Katie Lee and Sean Avery about Soul Cycle, staying in shape for right scenes, and the chaos of Fashion Week.

07 September 2015

(Video) DragonCon – “Arrow” Panel (April 6)

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As you know Katie was this past weekend at DragonCon, yesterday being her second and last day at the convention. And just like on her first day, there was a Arrow panel yesterday which you can now watch bellow.

06 September 2015

(Video) DragonCon – “Arrow” Panel

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Katie is this weekend at DraconCon, with Arrow co-stars Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, John Barrowman and Matt Nable. You can watch bellow the panel from yesterday and hopefully soon enough the panel from today will be avaliable.

31 May 2015

Katie For Coca-Cola

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Chech out this hilarious video Katie did for Coca-Cola.

01.jpg 01.jpg 01.jpg 01.jpg 01.jpg

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