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Fan Expo Toronto

Katie ended up doing not one but TWO Conventions last week, After Salt Lake comic con she were straight to canada for the Fan Expo Toronto were she did two day’s, On Saturday she did just autos and photo shoots for the fan’s and on the Sunday she has a one hour panel that was followed up by autos and photo shoots, There at this time is no video from the panel but we do have a about 10 minute interview with The Arts Guild that you can watch below.

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– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Photoshoots – Day 3
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Katie And Co Train With UFC Fighters

On Thursday some behind the scenes videos came out of Katie, Emily and Echo training with UFC fighters Stephen Thompson and Elias Theodorou in Vancouver and now we have official photos and video from the day.

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Katie Cassidy Now A Series Regular on ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash,’ And “Legends of Tomorrow’

As I just said in the post below Comic-Con is on right and although Katie her self is not there the rest of the Arrow cast and producers are and at the Arrow panel it was announced that although Laurel Lance is dead and will stay dead she is going no were as Katie is now a series regular on all three shows Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow were we will be seeing her as both Laurel Lance a.k.a Black Canary and Laurel Lance a.k.a Black Siren through flashbacks, time travel and the multiple earths. This is great news for both Katie and all her fans as for a time it did look like she would never be back as the beloved character.

“Death can’t keep Black Canary down.

Katie Cassidy has signed a deal with Warner Bros. to appear across the CW’s DC Comics-based television shows, which includes “Legends of Tomorrow,” “The Flash” and “Arrow.” Wendy Mericle, executive producer of “Arrow,” announced the news at Comic-Con Saturday.

“Katie Cassidy will not be disappearing from this universe,” Mericle said.

Cassidy’s deal follows similar deals announced earlier this year for Wentworth Miller and John Barrowman.

Cassidy will be returning to the broader CW-DC universe despite the fact that her character died last season. Miller’s character was also killed off in the first season of Legends of Tomorrow.”

Credit: Variety

Arrow Season 5 Comic-Con First Look

The new trailer for the upcoming season 5 of Arrow was just debuted at the Arrow panel in Comic-Con, We all known Laurel wanted Oliver to promise her something before she died and we will be finding out what that is in the first episode of the new season and some of it was put in the trailer for us to see.

Next Level Interview With Katie Cassidy (Video)

The Next Level got to interview Katie at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, She talked about Arrow, getting killed off and if she is coming back.

Our own Ben Beck had an opportunity to spend a few minutes with Arrow’s Katie Cassidy aka Laurel Lance. Katie was a joy to talk to and we thank here for the time she gave us out of her busy convention schedule.

Katie Interview: Talks Laurel Lance’s Journey, Hope for More Black Siren

When it comes to playing a superhero on television there really is no better job. For Katie Cassidy, it was literally a dream come true to get to portray the iconic Black Canary on Arrow for four seasons.

While Laurel Lance met a tragic end last season on Arrow, her death was met with fan outrage and sadness at her character’s surprising end. But Laurel’s presence will forever live on in the hearts of the audience, the show, and in the actress herself.

“It was like a dream come true,” Cassidy told us of playing Black Canary. “It was such an honor to be asked to do that. The fact that the fans responded so well was such a big payoff. This part of my life is certainly something I’ll never forget. Black Canary will live on within me forever, and I’m grateful for every moment of it.”

But the beauty about the Arrowverse is that no one is really dead – unless sadly you’re Tommy Merlyn. With the universe expanding as it has with The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, there are different elements at play that make it possible for characters that we’ve lost to return. Arrow has flashbacks, The Flash introduced dopplegangers, and Legends of Tomorrow has the ability to travel to different time periods. Basically the possibilities are endless. As well are the possibilities of Cassidy’s return.

Cassidy was invited to The Flash last season to portray Laurel Lance’s Earth-2 doppleganger Black Siren in the show’s penultimate episode. The hour allowed Cassidy to explore her character is an entirely new way as she went from Black Canary the hero to Black Siren the villain. But who doesn’t love to play the villain?

“Playing the villain was so fun,” she said. “Obviously it’s a different show. The Flash is lighter. It was flattering to be asked to portray Laurel on Earth-2, Black Siren.”

With Black Siren being introduced on The Flash, it allowed Laurel’s doppleganger to have a supersonic scream – a real Canary Cry – given that on that Earth she is a metahuman. We got to see an entirely different side to the character as she partnered with the villainous Zoom.

But given the last we saw of Black Siren on The Flash she was locked away in the pipeline, there’s definitely a very real possibility we’ll see her character in the future.

“Hopefully we’ll get to see more of her,” Cassidy said.

In the Arrowverse, anything is possible.

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Heroes & Villains Fan Fest New York Day 1

Katie had taken a couple of weekend’s of from covention’s in the last few weeks but is now back at it, This time for Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in New York. Today Katie had the Arrow panel with fellow (past) cast mates Neal McDonough, Charlotte Ross, Echo Kellum and her TV dad Paul Blackthorne, next up for Katie was fan autographs but no word on if she did a photo OP today or not. Below you can read some details from the Arrow panel that have been post by people who were there.

– Katie was asked who would win between Black Canary vs. Ruby? her answer was “Black Canary, come on now!”
– Katie on fave Laurel trait “She’s not afraid to stand up to Oliver or Green Arrow, or anyone for that matter.”
– Katie misses the show and found out before the January Heroes & Villains Fan Fest. It was very hard
– Katie on life after Laurel “It’s been really hard to let go and know that I’m not going to spend the day with these people”
– Paul was asked if Detective Lance would bring back Laurel if he had the chance “Yes, of course, of course! Life without Laurel is unimaginable for him. Of course he’d bring her back if he could”
– Paul says working with Katie has been the best acting experience. then *hugs Katie*
– Paul on Laurel being the Black Canary “His daughters are out there fighting, dressed VERY inappropriately,” teases”
– Katie has been Shocked and flattered by the Arrow fandom’s reaction. And said they are the Most supportive and best fans!
– Katie on leaving and maybe coming back in the future “Things happen for a reason and you make the best of it. Anything is possible thanks to timelines, flashbacks etc”
– Katie said Laurel’s death scene was her saying goodbye to her Arrow family.
– Neal on him being the one to kill Laurel “The hardest thing I’ve had to do as an actor is when I found out I had to kill Laurel”
– Katie said the Arrow Stunt team are fantastic and the Journey of Laurel turning into a hero required a big physical transformation and lot’s of work with them to pull it of realistically.
– Katie Worked with several trainers to get into shape for becoming the Black Canary
– Katie was asked what favorite stunt she did yourself was? “Training with Wildcat”
– Katie on Paul “Paul has been an inspiration and someone I could look up to”
– Katie on her time as Laurel “From end of S1 to end of S4 the whole thing was a journey and transition emotionally and physically” & “Learned more about her craft and learned from amazing actors”
– The Audience cheers when asked if people want Canary and Dark back.
– Katie said she has a great relationship with the costume department. And got to Contributed to the Black Canary design

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– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Heroes & Villains Fan Fest New York July > Autographs & Misc – Day 1
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Heroes & Villains Fan Fest New York July > Arrow Panel – Day 1

Stephen Amell Talk’s About Black Canary On Facebook Live video

Stephen love’s to do his live Facebook fan videos, And one fan asked him about Black Canary and if she was coming back at all, And this is what he said on the matter.

When asked if Black Canary would be returning to the show, Amell demurred, saying, “The idea of Black Canary and what it means and what it embodies in Star City is something we’re gonna explore this year.”

So take that as it is, we may not have seen the last of the Black Canary in Arrow but I think we have seen the last of Laurel as her.

Black Canary to Get a Memorial Monument in ‘Arrow’ Season 5

although the Black Canary may be gone on Arrow (Still not over it), it seems her legacy on the show will carry on and this will include a new permanent fixture in Star City, A tease on twitter from Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim show’s a new Black Canary memorial statue will be erected in Season 5 by Oliver Queen. The one that was post on Twitter said “Option 5” so it may not be the final design we see on the show.

Caity Lotz Doesn’t Think We’ve Seen The Last Of Laurel

One of the saddest television departures of the season was the heartbreaking murder of Laurel Lance aka Black Canary at the hands of the dastardly Damien Darhk on Arrow. While fans bemoaned the character’s death, the CW superhero universe has been known to bring a number of beloved cast members back from the dead in the past (the Lazarus Pit! Time travel!), so is there a chance that Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance could once again pop up on The CW?

Her on-screen sister Caity Lotz believes so!

Lotz, who’s now kicking butt and taking names as Sara Lance on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, told People’s Choice at the CW Upfronts last month that she doesn’t think we’ve seen the last of her TV sibling, and pointed to the character’s Earth-2 cameo on The Flash as proof.

Katie’s Mega Con Panel Video

With a BIG thank you to Nerdsand Beyond who were at Katie’s panel at Mega con and who send it to me for you all to see.

Katie says new projects is a new thriller film
“Malcolm’s new love interest is Black Siren.”
Would Katie like to face off against caity as Black Siren vs White Canary? “Ooh yes.”
Katie recently found out she’s going to be the lead in a badass woman video game! Katie is a gamer!
Katie says favorite moment was the end of season 2 when she put on the jacket
“I do hope there will be more.” Katie talking about Black Siren
Which costume did Katie prefer? Black Canary or Black Siren? She can’t pick! “They’re so cool!”
“This is what he looks like. He’s really hot.” -Katie on learning what the Green Arrow & Stephen looked like
Katie really wanted to do some action and kick some ass as Black Canary
loved getting to play the villain in Black Siren on The Flash. “It’s fun to play bad
Katie says that it was sad that Laurel had to die but she understood it from a story standpoint

Again thanks Nerdsand Beyond .

Mega Con Day 1 & 2 Photos

So Katie is at this time in Orlando for Mega Con with her former Arrow star John Barrowman. So far Katie has been there for two of the three day’s she is down for tomorrow being her last. So far she has done photoshoots and autos on both the day’s but so far no panel maybe tomorrow?.

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– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Mega > Autographs & Misc – Day 1
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Mega > Photoshoots – Day 1
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Mega > Autographs & Misc – Day 2
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Mega > Photoshoots – Day 2

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