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Katie Cassidy Says She Hopes to “Kick Some Ass” in Arrow

Katie On Young Hollywood Video

Two weeks ago we post the photos of Katie on Young Hollywood now we at last have the video from the interview.

The lovely Katie Cassidy returns to the Studio to chat about her role as the leading lady to Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow in The CW’s comic book adaptation, “Arrow”, and to put her own target-shooting skills to the test! She also reveals her funniest co-star, answers some Twitter questions from you the fans, and she also talks a bit about her partnership with Lady Foot Locker to benefit her favorite charity, HELP Malawi!

Arrow “1×03 – Lone Gunmen” Press Release

DC COMICS’ VILLIAN DEADSHOT SETS HIS SIGHTS ON ARROW — Oliver (Stephen Amell) is surprised when someone shoots and kills one of his targets. As his plan is to bring people to justice vs. outright killing them, Oliver doesn’t appreciate the help and searches for the gunman. He soon learns that the man, Deadshot (guest star Michael Rowe), is taking out businessmen who are scheduled to bid at an auction on an energy company and Walter (Colin Salmon) is one of the bidders. Realizing he can’t protect his family and stop Deadshot at the same time, Oliver enlists Detective Lance’s (Paul Blackthorne) help, but his plan has dire consequences. Meanwhile, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) and Tommy (Colin Donnell) get caught in an awkward situation with Oliver. Willa Holland, David Ramsey and Susanna Thompson also star. Guy Bee directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg and teleplay by Marc Guggenheim & Andrew Kreisberg

5 Days To Arrow: Interview With Katie Cassidy Of The CW’s New Series

Last week, we visited Vancouver on a press tour that included several TV show sets, including the set of the highly anticipated new CW series Arrow based on the Green Arrow comic books.

While Katie Cassidy wasn’t on set the day that we were, she still made the time to meet with us and talk a bit about her character, “Laurel Lance.”

Laurel has an interesting back story with Oliver in that the two of them, as well as their friend Tommy Merlyn, grew up together. Laurel and Oliver were also romantically involved, and then Oliver cheated on her… with her sister. And if you think that’s the only drama involved in that situation, just wait until you see the series premiere.

Fans of the comics would know Laurel as “Dinah Laurel Lance,” who, at least in printed form, became the Black Canary, crimefighting partner and eventual better half of Oliver Queen. This was not something Katie looked at when auditioning for the role.

“When I originally had auditioned for this part, I basically came up with a back story that was legitimate to the material that I was given—the pilot,” Katie recalls. “Creating back story to make this person as authentic as possible, I did a little bit of research, but I also, at that point, didn’t consider the Black Canary because I didn’t know. When – if [she becomes Black Canary] is always still a question. You never know with these writers; they could do anything. I try not to think about that at this point because I think sometimes I can get in my own way if I over-think it. I think as far as the Black Canary goes, it will probably happen very organically. I know that Laurel is very strong, very tough. She comes from a middle class family; her father’s a cop; she knows how to fight. It will be something that happens organically, and it’s probably going to be pretty cool,” she says.

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New Arrow Season 1 Promotional Photo

At long last the CW has released gorgeous promotional photos of the entire cast of Arrow and Katie has one of her as Dinah ‘Laurel’ Lance. I hope that the CW add more photos both of Katie and the Cast soon but till then you can view the photo in HQ in are gallery.

– Arrow > Season 1 > Promos > Laurel

Arrow “1×02 – Honor Thy Father” Episode Stills

The CW has released three episode stills from Arrow – 1×02 – Honor Thy Father, We now have them in HQ for you all so check them out in the gallery.

– Arrow > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1×02 – Honor Thy Father

Arrow First Look Featurette

The CW have added in a new first look featurette from Arrow, there is a new little interview with Katie were she talks about Laurel and clips but nothing we have not seen before. Caps are now in the gallery for you all I just wish the CW would add these videos in 1080p and not 360p

– Arrow > Season 1 > Promotional > Arrow First Look Featurette

Arrow 1×02 – “Honor Thy Father” Press Release

KELLY HU GUEST STARS AS DC COMICS VILLAIN CHINA WHITE — Oliver (Stephen Amell) heads to the courthouse to get his death certificate repealed and is pleasantly surprised to run into Laurel (Katie Cassidy), who is there prosecuting Martin Somers (guest star Ty Olsson), a criminal with ties to the Chinese Triad. Oliver recognizes Martin’s name from his father’s book and sets his sights on taking him down. Martin orders the Triad to “take care of” Laurel so they send their top mercenary – China White (Hu) – after her, an act that culminates in a battle between Arrow and China White. Meanwhile, Moira (Susanna Thompson) and Walter (guest star Colin Salmon) ask Oliver to take over the company. Colin Donnell, Willa Holland, David Ramsey and Paul Blackthorne also star. David Barrett directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Marc Guggenheim and written by Andrew Kreisberg & Marc Guggenheim (102).


Katie On Good Day LA Video

Katie made a stop on Sepember 19th to Good Day LA to do a interview, She talked about both Arrow and H.E.L.P in Malawi. You can now watch the video and look in the gallery for screen caps.

Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic

– Screen Captures > Entertainment/News Segments > Good Day LA (Sepember 19th, 2012)

“Arrow” To Be At New York Comic Con

Warner Television released their schedule for New York Comic Con earlier today, including a number of Arrow-themed events centering around the DC Entertainment TV property.

At 11 a.m. on Sunday October 14th, Arrow will have a special video presentation and Q&A in the IGN Theatre, followed by a cast signing at the DC Entertainment booth at 12:30.

Stars Stephen Amell, Willa Holland and Katie Cassidy will be in attendance for the events.

Fall Preview 2012 with TV Guide Magazine Video

Here is a new Behind The Scenes video of Katie from the new TV Guide Fall Preview magazine, Scan’s from it will be up as soon as the magazine is out. Till then you can look over all the Screencaptures in the gallery.

– Screen Captures > Photoshoots > Tv Guide Photoshoot 2012

Arrow : Katie Cassidy Interview

With just over one month till Arrow will hit are Tv’s the CW is starting to post about it and Katie got a new video interview today. She talks about her character Laurel and we get to see new clips from the Pilot. Just a shame that its not in Hd.

– Television Series > Arrow > Season 1 > Promotional > Katie Cassidy Interview

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