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Posted on July 20, 2013 / by Abby in Arrow

Here is the promo that was on at Comic-Con, you can only see Katie for one little part and at the end there is Black Canarybut who is it Katie or Caity.

Posted on July 20, 2013 / by Abby in Arrow

Arrow fans were thrown for a loop Thursday night after reports surfaced that The CW series had cast the Black Canary.

The Pact’s Caity Lotz has, in fact, been tapped for a recurring role on Arrow’s second season, but she won’t be playing Dinah Drake, TVGuide.com can exclusively reveal.

“There’s been a bit of misinformation printed out there and what I would say is, yes, Caity Lotz is joining the show in a recurring role and we’re really excited,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells us. “She’s a tremendously talented actress. The character she’s playing is really the beginning of the story of the Black Canary.”

The fact that Lotz’s character, whose name Kreisberg declined to reveal, has a connection to the Black Canary has worried fans who believed that Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance would fill that role, as the comics dictate. But Kreisberg wants to set the record straight. “The character that Caity is portraying is the beginning of the Black Canary story and we’re really excited for the fans to go on the journey with us,” he says. “So much of our show is about defying expectations, meeting expectations and exceeding expectations, and we really want our fans to experience the show by watching it and enjoying it and enjoying all the twists and turns and surprises the way we intend.”

Kreisberg likens the Black Canary’s journey to other characters that the show has already introduced with a twist. “Everything about our show is about origins and evolution,” he says. “When we met Deathstroke, everyone automatically assumed it was Slade Wilson [Manu Bennett] in the mask, but then we revealed we met Slade Wilson later. With Tommy [Colin Donnell], we thought that that was Merlyn, but Tommy was really the beginning of the Merlyn story because we saw how it evolved to John Barrowman and beyond. Oliver [Stephen Amell] himself, when we first meet him, he’s not the Green Arrow yet. The series itself is an evolution of this character.”

As for what this means for Laurel, Kreisberg says, “Everyone knows that Laurel Lance is the Black Canary. That’s the way it is in the comic books, but how we get from A to B is the story of our show. In the same way that Oliver, when we meet him, is the vigilante, but this season he’s going to becoming the Arrow, that’s the step of his journey to eventually becoming the Green Arrow. Laurel Lance right now is a lawyer with a lot of heart and a lot of humanity and courage. But it takes more than that to put on the mask and go out and fight crime. Our series is the evolution of that. People will see how Caity Lotz fits into Laurel’s journey along the way. For us, it’s very emotional and surprising and exciting. I would say to everybody, we haven’t let you down so far. Keep going on this ride with us.”

Are you a little relieved? Hit the comments with your thoughts on this casting!
Credit: tvguide.com

Posted on May 17, 2013 / by Abby in Arrow

Thanks to spoilertv/VancityFilming we now know the start date for filming Arrow season 2 will be July 10th,

Arrow start filming season two on July 10th

Posted on May 17, 2013 / by Abby in Arrow

Will Laurel feel a sense of guilt over her role in Tommy’s death and possibly second-guess her decision to choose Oliver over Tommy?
Gugggenheim: Definitely she’s going to feel some fairly overwhelming guilt because people, particularly like Ross and Rachel, can argue whether or not [Laurel and] Tommy were on a break when Laurel slept with Oliver in the penultimate episode. The thing that’s pretty much indisputable is the fact that Laurel, by sleeping with Oliver, chose Oliver over Tommy and yet it was Tommy who came to save her. She feels an enormous amount of guilt over, “Did I pick the wrong guy?” These will all be things we’re exploring in Season 2. The reason we did it wasn’t just to end the season on an impactful note. It really was to create all sorts of different stories and dramatic conflicts in Season 2.

Do you think this could be a catalyst for Laurel to maybe put on a pair of fishnets?
Guggenheim: [Laughs] It’s a catalyst for her to do a variety of different things. It’s going to drive a lot of what Laurel does in Season 2, both good and bad. Tommy’s death will reverberate through the cast of characters and will affect the changes and choices that Oliver makes and that Thea makes. It’s going to affect everybody. It’s not like you’ll never hear Tommy’s name never uttered again. If anything, Tommy is a larger presence in death than he was in life.
Credit: Tvguide

Posted on May 16, 2013 / by Abby in Appearances, Arrow, Gallery

Its that time of the year again when all the upfronts are on and todayy the CW had these, Kaite, Stephen Amell, Susanna Thompson and Colton Haynes were on hand for Arrow, Not a lot of photos out at this time but x20 Mq photos are up in the gallery with more to come soon.

– Public Events > 2013 > The CW Network’s 2013 Upfront

Posted on May 16, 2013 / by Abby in Arrow, Gallery

Thats it people the last of the season for Arrow season one was on last night and man did they go out with a bang, HD Screencaptures from episode “1×23 – Sacrifice” are now up in the gallery for you all. Just remember that its not over yet the fisrt season will be out on Blu-Ray/DVD late August/september time are I will be recapping all this season in Blu-Ray caps and the new season will start in October? and from what was being said today it will start 5 months after this eposode. Enjoy!

– Arrow > Season 1 > Screencaptures > 1×23 – Sacrifice

Posted on May 15, 2013 / by Abby in Arrow

Here is the promo for tonights season finale of Arrow 1×23 – 1×03 – Sacrifice.

Posted on May 15, 2013 / by Abby in Arrow, Gallery

Here are all the missing Arrow HD screen captures from 1×17 – 1×23 that were added into the gallery but never the main site, and with that being said I’m so so so sorry for the lack of main site updates there have been on here in the last 3 months each time i go to do one I just never get to it but in the coming weeks I will do my best to get back on top of things.

– Arrow > Season 1 > Screencaptures > 1×17 – The Huntress Returns
– Arrow > Season 1 > Screencaptures > 1×18 – Salvation
– Arrow > Season 1 > Screencaptures > 1×19 – Unfinished Business
– Arrow > Season 1 > Screencaptures > 1×20 – Home Invasion
– Arrow > Season 1 > Screencaptures > 1×21 – The Undertaking
– Arrow > Season 1 > Screencaptures > 1×22 – Darkness on the Edge of Town

Posted on February 28, 2013 / by Abby in Arrow

Here is the promo and Synospis from the next all new Arrow 1×17 The Huntress Returns.

With his nightclub set to open and a new romance brewing with McKenna (guest star Janina Gavankar), Oliver (Stephen Amell) is as happy as he’s been since returning to Starling City. But when Oliver’s ex, The Huntress (guest star Jessica De Gouw), suddenly returns to town, she threatens to destroy everything and everyone he cares about. Meanwhile, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) and her father (Paul Blackthorne) struggle with the return of Dinah Lance (guest star Alex Kingston) who claims she has proof Sara is still alive. Thea (Willa Holland) gets Roy Harper (guest star Colton Haynes) a job at Oliver’s club, but he’s not too inclined to stop his life of crime. Oliver and Tommy (Colin Donnell) are thrilled they were able to get Steve Aoki to play at the opening of their new nightclub, Verdant.

Posted on February 28, 2013 / by Abby in Arrow, Gallery

Here are the screencaptures from last nights episode of Arrow “1×16 – Dead To Rights”. what a bombshell at the end of this episode, could Sarah still be alive after all or is her mom just trying to get back with her family only time will tell. Over 100+ HD caps were added into the gallery. Enjoy!

– Arrow > Season 1 > Screencaptures > 1×16 – Dead To Rights

Posted on February 28, 2013 / by Abby in Arrow, Gallery

Here are the screencaptures from last weeks episode of Arrow “1×15 – Dodger”. Again not a lot going on with Katie in this one, it’s stating to bug me how there is nothing moving her on to were we all want her to be by the end of the season and thats black canary. Over 80+ HD caps were added into the gallery. Enjoy!

– Arrow > Season 1 > Screencaptures > 1×15 – Dodger

Posted on February 28, 2013 / by Abby in Arrow

The CW have set the date for the season finale of Arrow.

Wednesday, May 15
8:00/7:00c – “Arrow”

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