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TV Line With The Cast Of Arrow

To say Arrow star Stephen Amell is a gigantic Michael Emerson fan is a gargantuan understatement. I learned this first hand Saturday inside TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite when I unwittingly broke news of the Lost and Person of Interest star’s Season 6 casting to Amell and several of his cast mates. And the typically unflappable actor proceeded to freak the you-know-what out.

“I’m f–king fired up!” Amell exclaimed. His equally-as-stoked co-star Echo Kellum shouted, “Holy s–tballs!”
Exec producer Wendy Mericle, meanwhile, all but confirmed that Emerson’s character will have at least a trace of evil in his DNA, teasing that his top-secret alter ego is “morally compromised.”

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San Diego Comic-Con 2017

After crashing the Syfi live interview and attending the WB party yesterday, Katie was back for her second day at San Diego Comic Con this time she was joined by the rest of the Arrow cast to do a day full of Arrow promo and fun. So far today Katie has done the press line by her self shame I would have loved to see all the girls together maybe after the panel? after that was doing some Press Junket in a room with the rest of the cast (at this time no videos are out for it), Then they all made there way to the Warner Bros Booth to do fan autographs in the main hall. After that it looks like they were all over the place doing interviews and I would guess some photoshoots but nothing has come out yet. The Arrow panel is set to start in about 10 minutes so lot’s of new info and I hope a video for the new season should be out well soon. Till then all can find all the photos we have upto now in the gallery.

All candids are CREDIT to there OWNERS we take NO credit for THEM

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CW At SDCC Video With Kaite

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is coming up this weekend and we do known that Katie will be there with her CW-DC co-stars and the CW has just released a little video of Katie with her Arrow co-star’s Echo Kellum and Juliana Harkavy and Supergirl’s Katie McGrath talking about going to SDCC and how they would like to see us all there and they could even reveal some secrets. This was filming back in May when all the cast were doing promos and photoshoots for the upcoming season.

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Some Black Siren Scoop

EW did a interview with the Arrow boss about what is to come with season 6 and had this to say about Black Siren

EW: How will someone like Black Siren feel about Dinah suiting up as Black Canary?
MERICLE: That’s a great question. I’ll just say this: She’s probably not going to like it very much. [Laughs] I mean, I don’t know how much research she’s done about her Earth-1 Laurel, but I would have to say that I think there’s going to be some sparks flying there.

And TV Line did a Ask Ausiello with some scoop on Black Siren.

Question: I am excited to have Katie Cassidy back on Arrow as Black Siren. I hope she stays a villain, because it’s cool to have a regular female villain. What can we expect for her? —Diana
Ausiello: You can expect much of the aforementioned villainy, sprinkled with the occasional wish for a turn-around, at least by those who knew her Earth-One doppelgänger. “I don’t know if there’s any question about whether or not the [idea] of redemption will come up; it has to,” co-showrunner Wendy Mericle told TVLine. “Her father is there. Oliver is there. Everyone is going to be asking whether or not it’s possible to find a little piece of Laurel, the Laurel Lance they knew and loved, in there somewhere.” That said, “I think she’s interesting as a [villain],” Mericle asserted. “Black Siren is a badass.” BONUS SCOOP: Even with Adrian Chase dead, Oliver’s battle to conceal his secret identity is far from over. Rumor has it he will be dogged by a curious FBI agent this season.

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Katie On Arrow Set July 14th, 2017

Filming is now well underway for Arrow season 6 and Katie had been back in Vancouver for the last two weeks now. And the cast were seen doing a night shoot on July 14th with Katie’s Black Siren taking on Juliana’s Black Canary and what was said they were having a fight. Thanks to canadagraphs we have one candid of the girls getting there hair done in between takes.

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Katie To Be At San Diego Comic-Con 2017

After missing last years San Diego Comic-Con after Laurel was killed off the show, Katie and the full cast of Arrow are back from the 2017 Conmic-Con on July 22nd for a panel at 5.50-6.30 in Ballroom 20 and fun with the fan’s all day long.

5:50–6:30 p.m. Arrow Special Video Presentation and Q&A — With the future of the team left hanging in the balance, Arrow gave new definition to the phrase “blowing up the show.” The emotional showdown between Oliver Queen and Adrian Chase was the perfect conclusion to a stellar fifth season of The CW’s gritty DC Super Hero series. Now, the focus shifts to uncovering the fate of each and every member of Team Arrow. Could anyone have possibly survived an island-wide explosion, or has the book closed on them, as it has on Oliver’s five-year flashback story? Returning to San Diego Comic-Con for a sixth consecutive year, cast members Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Emily Bett Rickards, Paul Blackthorne, Katie Cassidy, Echo Kellum, Juliana Harkavy, Rick Gonzalez and producers will be on-hand for an eye-opening conversation about the upcoming season. From Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, Arrow’s season six premiere moves to its new night on Thursday, October 12, at 9/8c on The CW. Ballroom 20

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Arrow “5×23 – Lian Yu” HD Screen Captures

Last night was the season final of Arrow season five and to me it was there best season final after season two, Again Katie was a guest star in this episode and again she did not get much time on screen other then walking about but we did get to have kick ass little fight between Black Siren and Black Canary and of course are girl won the fight only to be taken out from behind again, I am stating to think the only way the writers known how to take her down is with surprise attacks from behind but Katie will be back full time next year so I hope they will stop doing that to her. HD Screencaps from the episode are now up in the gallery

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CW Fall 2017-2018 Schedule

The CW has unveiled their programming schedule in this coming fall and Arrow will be moving to a new night of Thursday’s after Supernatural.

8-9 P.M. — Supergirl
9-10 P.M. — VALOR
8-9 P.M. — The Flash
9-10 P.M. — DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
8-9 P.M. — Riverdale (New Night)
9-10 P.M. — DYNASTY
8-9 P.M. — Supernatural
9-10 P.M. — Arrow (New Night)
8-9 P.M. — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (New Time)
9-10 P.M. — Jane the Virgin (New Night)

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Arrow “5×23 – Lian Yu” Promo

Here is the promo for next weeks season final of Arrow 5×23 – Lian Yu

DEATHSTROKE, NYSSA AL GHUL, MERLYN AND DIGGER HARKNESS JOIN OLIVER’S BATTLE AGAINST PROMETHEUS – The battle between Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) culminates in a final epic battle on Lian Yu. After recent events, Oliver decides to recruit a group of unlikely allies – Slade (guest star Manu Bennett), Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law), Merlyn (John Barrowman) and Digger Harkness (guest star Nick. E. Tarabay) – to defeat Chase. However, Chase has his own army – Black Siren (guest star Katie Cassidy), Evelyn Sharp (guest star Madison McLaughlin) and Talia al Ghul (guest star Lexa Doig) – and the forces collide in an explosive season finale.

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Arrow “5×22 – Missing” Screen Captures

Last night are girl made triumphant return to Arrow as not only the bad ass Black Siren but as a hallucination of Earth 1 Laurel with Oliver. There was not a lot of Katie in this episode it was setting up next weeks that looks to have some kick ass fighting and a Black Siren vs Black Canary among them but i love how they are playing both Earth two Laurel and Quentin at this time, could he be dead in her world and so that is why she is protecting him? Only time (and please let them tell it) will tell her backstory. HD Screencaps from the episode are now up in the gallery.

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