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Tomboy KC giveaway

Katie’s site Tomboy KC is doing a giveaway because of the holiday season, If you would like to have a go at winning some things you can view the rules Here . But thanks to this giveaway we now as well have a new photoshoot of Katie, And you can view it in the gallery

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What Katie Wore: Adios Summer, See You Never

It’s an ongoing joke around here that we are bad at summer.

Not that we aren’t good at swimming pools and popsicles. If someone needed a book on beach volleyball and bathing suits, we are pretty sure we could write it.

What we mean is, we are bad at dressing for summer.

We aren’t drawn to bright colors, the shorts section of our closet would be considered weak by any standard and putting together a look with just one layer seems altogether pointless from our perspective. Despite the insufferable heat, all summer we find ourselves dressed in denim or throwing on our favorite blazer to complete a look like it’s October in the South of France.

After a case of heat stroke and sweat stains you’d think we would have learned our lesson.

But here’s the thing! Why in the layer loving world do we need to to wear cut-offs AND crop tops? Together. The short answer? We don’t.

Which is why we are back-flipping’ excited that October has decided to grace us with its presence and brought cooler temps along with it. So we can wear our crop-tops with high-waisted pants as they were intended.

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What Katie Wore: A Love Letter to the Blanket Coat

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we think it only appropriate that we pen a love letter to our new favorite combo item – The Blanket Coat.

As with anything that combines two things we love into one (here’s looking at you McGriddle – yes, we said it), we don’t need much convincing to jump on the bandwagon and start organizing campaign events.  Hence this letter declaring our admiration and obsession with outwear that bears any resemblance to a throw.

Essentially a warm wrap-around blanket with sleeves, the blanket coat melds couch time with chic outerwear, thereby making it the most amazing thing to hit our closet since the Snuggie. It’s not as complicated as a poncho or a cape(which we also love but, let’s be honest, can be a bit difficult to wear without looking like you actually walked off the couch and out into the universe) and has a more chic aesthetic with that tinge of added structure.

Blanket coat, we love you.

We would venture to say that we all need a blanket coat in our lives, if only to wear on those days when the winter wind makes leaving the comfort of your sofa seem like the most unbearable of events.  It’s in these moments of desperation we need those wooly folds wrapped around us the most.

This one is from Zara (meaning, it’s likely no longer available), but we recently saw something similar at Expressand, if you want to splurge, have been lusting after this onefrom DVF. We also love the striped pattern on this guy (not to mention its under $50 sale price).

Tomboy KC 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

A completely shoppable gift guide full of ideas for everyone from the jetsetter to the little ones. Just read on and click on any item to purchase.

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What Katie Wore – “A Blazer Is The Best Investment, Maybe Ever”

If it were up to us, women everywhere would be rocking blazers – or better, a full pant suit – every damn day of the week. We’ve got a penchant for menswear, so when it comes to jackets, we come from a place of always.

Do you hear us? We adore the pure structure of it all, like the crispness of a white button-down paired, if you can imagine it, with a pair of over-the-top pumps. Pure contrasting perfection.

Sure, going head-to-toe work-wear isn’t always the best of options – after all, you might want to look more room and board than boardroom, on occasion. But that just means you need to take some time (and by time we mean mere seconds) to take apart that weekly uniform and multi-purpose that shit.

Rest assured, even a hint of structure, like a blazer for instance, can make any look a little more put-together and downtown cool. Which was our entire point with this one. A little pinstripe here and a touch of leather on your knees there and, presto change-o, your work-wear just took a right turn at girls night out.

But come Monday morning, girl you know we’ve got a pair of matching trousers. You see where we’re headed here?

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New York Fashion Week In Review


Our usual New York Fashion Week experience is one filled with traffic jams, missed shows and a whole lot of stress. But since the moving of the venues, we found this season to be a lot less panicky phone calls and a lot more sushi. (Dear Koi, thanks for keeping our table warm.)

Call it a well planned itinerary or just a blessing from the fashion Gods, but we (almost) made it to everything we intended to and managed to enjoy ourselves the entire time we were in New York City.

Maybe it was the fashion – dying for one Veronica Beard chambray short-suit in particular. Or maybe it was because this season we were joined by friends – Tommy and Alyssa automatically make everything better. Or maybe it was just because it wasn’t 100 degrees Fahrenheit. (We’ll take intermittent showers over blazing heat any day of the week.)

Whatever the case, this Fashion Week was one for the books.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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What Katie Wore: Prepping for Fashion Week

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We’ve had a lot going on around here the last few days (life developments, work developments, developmental developments…), all while prepping for New York Fashion Week.

It’s hard to believe that the time is already here again.  Given the amount of guaranteed distractions we see on our horizon over the next two weeks, we’ve decided to get a head-start on our packing.

Here’s the thing, when you are dressing out of a truncated closet for over a week, chances are the grand plans you made for one of your “fabulous” getup’s will be foiled by breakfast, wrinkles or all of those cupcakes you ate at that party the day before anyway. It’s not a chance happening, it’s a fact of life. So in addition to a few statement pieces we want to work in (remember this dress), here is what we are bringing with us to New York this time around to be prepared for the inevitable.

1. Button Downs: Here’s the thing about a good button-down, when you’re standing in front of a mirror trying to figure out what to wear ten minutes before you’re supposed to be downtown… well, let’s just say you’ll be glad you have several. They go with every statement piece you might accidentally run across while brunching at Barneys. Our favorites this season are of the plaid variety. (Etoile Isabel Marant, $97.20 (on sale today); we also love this one)
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What Katie Wore: A Day At The Beach

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When it comes to summer vacation, there are two ways to go: Venture outside for some physical activity or a cultural experience (exploring the city of Buenos Aires, for instance, or hiking your way through the Alps of Peru), or gleefully loosen your grip on reality, say, by running off to the beach and spending days in a lounge chair, reading your newest fiction find, piña colada in hand. We have, of course, always embraced the latter option, and judging by the surplus of bathing suits, sunscreen and flatforms that put the “sand” in sandals, that relaxation maximization attitude isn’t going anywhere.

While we have plans to explore the world in a month or two and get our active fix, right now our focus is simply on putting our feet as high up as we can conceivably get them and clothing as relaxed as we can find it – which for now simply means bathing suits for bras and pants with a crotch that is nowhere near ours.

Sure, we will need to think about adding structure to our days (and wardrobe) in a few days time, so as not to imply that we have altogether abandoned our responsibilities and adopted a completely bohemian lifestyle. But we’re not there just yet… What say we circle back around next week and see where we stand?

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Danielle Panabaker For Tomboy KC

TKC: Do you look for style inspiration anywhere or do you just wear whatever the hell you want?
DP: I do look for inspiration. Every time I see Katie I wonder “can I pull that look off??”

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What Katie Wore: It’s Time to Meet Your Match

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When we hear the word matching, thoughts race back to a time filled with printed Keds and coordinating belts. A time when wearing a caramel-colored handbag with shoes of another hue was considered a faux pas of the highest order. But times change.

For the last decade, in order to achieve any sense of sartorial balance it seemed obvious that leathers needed to clash and patterns were worth nothing if not mixed. The idea of matching had been filed away with blue eyeshadow and our NKOTB posters, never to be seen again. Or so we thought.

But seeing as how last month we donned neon to watch a bunch of 40 year old men dance around to 80’s tunes andRochas re-imagined the value of blue above your baby blues, we shouldn’t be surprised that buying matching separates has a sudden novelty. Like the return of neon in 2011, the spread of coordinated vestments has gained such traction that a time when we would buy a top even though the corresponding shorts weren’t available in our size seems like a bad dream. A bad dream full of sloppy trousseau and overloaded senses.

The evolution of our thinking is helped by the introduction of separates that scream Taylor Swift rather than mother of the bride. Think crop tops and identical printed pencil skirts, boxed t’s and matching shorts. Getting dressed has never been so simple.

On the other end of the wardrobe, however, through even the most harmonized attire, we can’t help but wonder how long this fascination with matching will last. Fashion is fickle, so only time will tell. But until our love affair fades and the modernity of matching is laughable, we are gonna ride the sea of simplicity full sails ahead.


What Katie Wore: Back From New York

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The city that never sleeps… Literally.

I don’t know if it’s the non stop chaos, the traffic, or the smell of the subway lines creeping up through the gutters, but New York City is my city. It has always felt like home to me.

So whether I’m there for the Upfronts, a press junket, or a fashion panel, I always make the most of it. I fill every hour with good food, friends and some of the best shopping in the world.

My trip to New York last week was a whirlwind of interviews and meetings. I was rushing from one place to another, but of course, I had 25 minutes to squeeze in a quick photo shoot for #TKC which I used to snap a photo for my own Instagram. Anything for a photo.


What Katie Wore: Demin Daze

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It’s no secret that if our house went up in flames the first thing we would grab would be our stack of blue jeans (assuming, as it were, that we weren’t already pulling a Joey Tribbiani and wearing all of them).

While we have come to appreciate the unyielding power of statement pieces and we’re always happy to try a new trend, let’s face it – denim is comfortable and effortless in a way that our lives are not (which is really all it comes down to when the time comes to get dressed in the morning).

It’s just so easy.  No matter what the season or its trends, denim makes the perfect companion.

But when is enough enough?

Recently, the apropos topic around here has been denim and just how much of it we actually wear. Despite owning an ungodly volume of jeans, we still find ourselves scouring the webpages of our favorite e-tailers looking for more. Our favorite past time is perusing the Net-A-Porter ‘Denim’ tab (hello, have you seen this feather-trimmed denim jacket?!). Hell, we can’t even stop talking about it (try to count on one hand how many articles we have written about denim here – don’t forget this one! Seriously, try.).

It’s just too easy to just throw on a pair of jeans in the morning, so we do. Does that make us lazy? Uninspired? Drones?

After several such conversations and a probing comment from a sister after a recent set of photoshoots (“Are all of your looks really based around denim?”), we committed ourselves to stepping outside the box, evolving our wardrobe and bringing the drama this season.

And then we found a pair of distressed jeans with chevrons down the back and fell right back down the rabbit hole…


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