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Going Away

Hey all I just want to say I will be away this weekend at a hen party so Arrow caps will be late up but should be up about Monday or so, I don’t no how much internet signal I will have so please no emails etc till monday.

Going Away (14th – 21st Of Feb)

Tomorrow I will be going away for a nice little holiday to Chicago for my bday, In this time I will have little to no internet when I am in America so there will be no updates on the site till I get back to the UK. All the Katie updates I miss will be added in when I’m home and please no emails as well till I’m back.
Thanks all and see you soon

Off To Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London Tomorrow

Right people I will be going off tomorrow to the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London for the weekend to see Katie again, Katie will be there both Saturday and Sunday doing autos and photos both days, I will have my photo with her on Saturday. and one panel on the Sunday at 13.15pm, My laptop will be coming with me so keep looking back over the weekend for updates from there and I hope lot’s of photos of are girl from both days. If any one on here is going and would like to meet up to say hey or something send me a email and we will see.

New Look Up And New URL

You have no idea how long this took to get up and how my laptop was about to go out the window at one stage there, But after a full weekend I at last got it all up and running, As you can all see with the new year come’s a new look here at Katie Cassidy Online again the main layout was done by umitohoshi who’s work I just love (and there a k-pop fan too so all good) and the header was done by kaleidoscope3 who did a amazing job on it. And to get to the nav now you need to click on the three lines up the top left side.

The other big news is we have a new URL and its and big thank you to are co-web Neide and to the old owner of the url for making this happen for us. You can still get on to the site using and nothing will happen if you keep using that you will just be redirected to the new URl. So from this day on we will have and use both URL’s but I would like to ask if people could add the new URL to the aff’s and bookmakes. If you do find something wrong or not working right please do let me known about it thank you

Merry Christmas

I would just like to take this time to wish everybody here on Katie Cassidy Online a very happy Christmas day and I do hope you all have a great time and get all you want from the day.
Abby & Neide

Site/Bad News

Unfortunately I have bad news for you all, my laptop gave up and died last night and there is no saving it. The good news is I just got a new one but it will not be with me till Friday/Saturday time so all updates will not be up now till I can get it all up and running. Again very sorry for this but it was something I did not see coming at all. The only other way I May have is my mom’s very old laptop that may or may not work so I will try my best to have a go on it if not see you all on Fri/Sat time.

Edit: Ok so it’s now looking like I will not get my new laptop till Tuesday now again sorry for all this but I will be back up and running this week.

Going Away For The Weekend

Hey I just want to say that I will be going away from tomorrow (15th) to Monday (20th). I will be heading to a Buffy Conventions and in this time I will not have my laptop with me so please if you do email me I will not be getting back to you till monday. But Neide will be looking after the site so any Katie update’s will be done by her, Enjoy your weekend.

New Look On KCO

Well with it coming upto summer, (If you don’t live in the UK anyway) i decided it was time for a new main look here on Katie Cassidy Online, It was made by the same person who did are last layout using a photoshoot of Katie’s from 2014. I am at this time doing a lot of work behind the scenes of this site, And in the coming day’s be redoing all of the “Katie” page, so look back for all that coming very soon.

Going Away For 2 Week’s

Hey all, Just a little update to say I’m going away on holiday to Canada tomorrow for two weeks. In this time I will have little to no internet, So there will be no updates from me till I get back so please do not email me in this time. But Neide will be about and looking after the site for you all.

New URL, New Host

It is with a heavy heart I am to inform you guys that is no more, and as most of you known our fansite host is closing down after the site being on there for 6+ years and I can not keep the URL BUT all is not lost as the site will keep going under its new name and URL The other good news is that noting on the site was lost in the move to are new host You can still get to this site using the old URL but I would like to ask all the people to save this new link and for all are affiliates to update to this link as well. If you do see any thing that is not working right please let me known about it and here is to the next 6 years of Katie Cassidy Online.

Going Away

Hey just a little note to say that I’m going away tomorrow till monday for a Supernatural con. I will try my best to get Arrow caps up some time this week but it is all on if I can get the net or not. If not caps will be up monday and well as any updates i miss.

New Look

As you can all see we have a new look up here on Katie Cassidy Online on both the main site and gallery, Both were made by Nicole of NowhereLand9 Design using Katie’s 2014 photoshoot for Genlux Magazine. I hope you all like them as much as I do.

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