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Marc Guggenheim On Laurel Being On Legends of Tomorrow

Marc Guggebheim did a new interview with Variety about the season final of Legends Of Tomorrow and he talked a little about Katie.

Variety: Katie Cassidy is returning for the finale as Laurel. How was it having her share scenes with Sara (Caity Lotz) again?
Marc Guggenheim: It’s always a delight to have Katie Cassidy come back and reprise her role as Laurel. It’s just one scene but it’s an incredibly pivotal scene, and I think it’s very moving.

Variety: I was excited to see Katie was returning as a series regular to “Arrow,” but I honestly had my fingers crossed that Black Siren would become a member of the Legends.
MG: That was something we had talked about. For us, the whole conversation about bringing Katie back as a series regular on “Arrow” began with her performance in the midseason premiere. We briefly spoke about bringing her on “Legends,” but I think from a story perspective we would get far more mileage out of her interacting with the cast of “Arrow.”

Legends of Tomorrow “2×17 – Aruba” Screen Captures

Last night was the Legends of Tomorrow season final 2×17 – Aruba and going into it we did known Katie would have a part on the episode and it was what we were all thinking would happen a vision from the spear of destiny of Laurel giving Sara closure for her death. Still it was great to see the Lance Sisters reunited for a little bit. Screencaps from the episode are now up in the gallery and you can watch the clip below.

001.jpg 003.jpg 009.jpg 016.jpg

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PaleyFest 2017: The Lance sisters will reunite on Legends of Tomorrow.

The 2017 DC PaleyFest took place last week in LA and although Katie was not there her self we did get some more info on the part in the upcoming season final of Legends Of Tomorrow season 2.

Guggenheim shared on social media that Katie Cassidy would be reprising her role of Laurel Lance in the Legends finale, and he says the scene was a long time coming. “I have to give a shout-out to Katie Cassidy,” Guggenheim says. “It’s only one scene, but man, she’s spectacular in it. It’s a scene we’ve wanted to do since the beginning of the season. We really wanted to get Sara and Laurel back together.”

“It was wonderful,” adds Lotz. “Katie and I hadn’t been able to do a scene together in years. She feels like my sister now, so it was very emotional, nostalgic, and I think people will really like it.”

But will Laurel pop up on any of the other DC shows before the season concludes? “I can say absolutely nothing,” Guggenheim says.

Katie To Appear In Legends Of Tomorrow Season Finale

As we said in are last post Katie was seen coming back to Vancouve and we now no why, It was confirmed by Marc that she will be in the Legends Of Tomorrow season finale episode, Now before we all jump for joy according to twitter Katie only did one scene for the show so don’t get your hopes up for anything goood (Can they just bring her back to life already)

Legends Of Tomorrow “1×01 – Pilot – Part One” HD Screen Captures

Last night was the Legends Of Tomorrow season premier and Katie had a very small part in it with Sara, were she told her to go for it and gave her both the name White Canary and her costume. HQ screencaps are now up in the gallery from it.

And remember that Katie and most of the rest of the Arrow cast are heading to New Jersey for the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest convention, that takes place this weekend. And from what Katie has said she has left for it now.

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White Canary Spoiler from EW

Since we didn’t see Caity Lotz in the Arrow-Flash crossover, is there anything you can say about how she becomes the White Canary on Legends of Tomorrow? — Karl
You can thank Laurel for that. “Her sister helps her find the new identity,” Lotz teases, noting that the change comes with seeing a new Sara when Legends kicks off. “She’s a little more easy going, a little more lighthearted. She’s seen it all. That has brought a little bit of a lightness to her. She’s not quite as heavy as she was. She can’t really take everything so seriously anymore.”

First Legends of Tomorrow Trailer

We known that Katie will be in the Legends of Tomorrow pilot. And the first trailer for it hit the web today and we get are first look at Katie in it. She is in the White Canary part telling Sara to go be a hero in the light. Legends Of Tomorrow will beginning January 21 on The CW!