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Rhode Island Comic-Con

Katie had taken a couple of months’s of from covention’s as she has been filming a lot but is now back at it, This time she was at Rhode Island Comic-Con. Katie did two days the Friday and Saturday and both day’s she did fan autographs and photoshoots and one day one a panel, There is not a lot of news from it but some things did come out.

– “Just found out that Katie Cassidy will be back on Arrow and Flash as Black Siren”

– “I was at Katie’s panel for RICC and was so excited when Katie said she’s been flying between Boston and Vancouver for filming. But she mentioned she’s had no sleep, she’s been sleeping on the plane because she’s filming so much. Wouldn’t say what she was filming exactly or who she was playing but no one can say she doesn’t but in a 1000% to everything she does.”

– “What she said about Black Siren was that she wanted to know who the Laurel behind Black Siren was, if it even was Laurel (I think she meant it could be she was going by Dinah)”

All candids are CREDIT to there OWNERS

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– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Rhode Island Comic-Con > Panel – Day 1
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Rhode Island Comic-Con > Photoshoots – Day 1
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Rhode Island Comic-Con > Autographs & Misc – Day 2
– Public Events > 2016 > Conventions > Rhode Island Comic-Con > Photoshoots – Day 2

New Comic-Con 2014-2015 Photoshoots + Others

New “Grace” On Set Photos

Katie is still in Boston filming her movie Grace as far as we known but thanks to not only Katie but the full cast and crew we have a lot of new behind the scenes photos from the shoot up now in the gallery. Still not a lot of news about the plot but it will co-star Matthew Lillard, Tate Donovan, Arthur Hiou and Steven Weisz as of now.

– Movie Productions > Grace > Behind The Scenes

“The Wolves at the Door” Movie Stills

And the The Wolves at the Door update’s keep coming with as well as the Trailer that came out last night today stills were released and we have 004 HQ stills of Katie from the movie up and in the gallery. With the film opening this weekend there should be lot’s more news coming very soon.

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Wolves At The Door – Official Trailer

After over a year with no update’s on the movie Katie filmed last year Wolves At The Door then a couple of day’s ago the poster came out and now it will now be opening this weekend in India so the official trailer has just dropped last night. The film star’s Katie as Sharon who is pregnant for the movie and co-star’s Elizabeth Henstridge, Jane Kaczmarek, Spencer Daniels and Eric Ladin. As of yet there is no real released date but people are saying early next year. You can watch the video below and screencaps are up in the galllery.

Four friends gather at an elegant home during the Summer of Love, 1969. Unbeknownst to them, deadly visitors are waiting outside. What begins as a simple farewell party turns to a night of primal terror as the intruders stalk and torment the four, who struggle for their lives against what appears to be a senseless attack

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Katie Has A New Movie Called “Grace”

Well Katie is a very busy girl these days, After filming Cover Versions in 18 day’s in LA she was right on a plane to Vancouver to film her part in Arrow and then again jumped right back on a plane to go film a new movie called Grace in Boston, There is not a lot of info on it other then what Laure Sudreau who is a producer on it has said.

“Grace” is a great indie feature film which we are producing, starring Katie Cassidy and Tate Donovan. Look for it in the spring of 2017!

Till we have more info Katie and Laure have post some on set candids from the filming for us to see.

– Movie Productions > Grace > Behind The Scenes

katie On The Arrow 100th Episode Set

As was said in a post below Katie was going to be in the Arrow 100th episode, And after the filming was delayed for 3 days because they had to work around Katie’s movie schedule for Cover Versions, Katie at last got to Vancouver to film her part in it. And thanks to some of the cast we have some on set photos of Katie, One with Green Arrow him self in I would guess a trailer or house and two with Caity (and Caity’s dad) in evening wear at some type of party? All three photos are up in the gallery and if more come out I will add them in.

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Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party

With Katie being in LA for filming it means she can do a lot more events there and with that being said she attended one yesterday (September 16th) for Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party looking as amazing as usual. Some HQ photos from the event have been now added to the gallery, be sure to check them!

– Public Events > 2016 >Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party

Cover Versions

Katie announced at SLCC she would be filming a new movie and this last Monday after NYFW she when right over to LA to start filming, The movie is called for now Cover Versions Katie is playing the lead singer of a band called Starfoxy, with Jerry Trainor, Drake Bell and Austin Swift being her co band mates. The film will take place in Coachella and will be a muder mistery that will be from different point of views on who did what and who the killer is. So far unlike all of her last movies there are a lot of on set photos being post by not just the cast but there own official instagram account , So that should make keeping up with this movie a lot easier unlike (the wolves at the door).

– Movie Productions > Cover Versions > Behind The Scenes

What Katie Wore: The Life-Changing Magic Of Wearing Flats To Fashion Week

There’s some kind of manic social pressure that surrounds getting dressed at Fashion Week, and not in a “I want to look cute today” sort of way. It’s definitely more of a “dress to impress” mentality that seeks to overtake everyone’s sensibilities and sense of self worth. Like all of these people on the streets labor over impractical (it’s 90 degrees outside, why are you in wool?!) sartorial statements in order to justify their existence.

Hi pot, this is your friend kettle. We’ve been there.

We’ve been the girls in four-inch heels switching our weight from one foot to the next in the middle of a presentation because we just had to walk a block in shoes that are more fashionable than they are comfortable. We’ve definitely snuck flip-flops into our handbag in order to pull a switch once we’d exited a show and ducked safely into a car. Hell, if we had a dollar (or better yet, in most cases $50+ dollars) for every pair of flats we ended up buying at the closest boutique because our feet just couldn’t take it one. more. second…

What is the point? Seriously, though. What is it? What is the oh-so-incredibly-important reason we are wearing shit we would never otherwise wear under these circumstances in order to impress people who are so focused on their own aching soles that they probably didn’t even notice the incredibly stylish torture devices we had strapped to our own hoofs.

So we just said, fuck this.

It didn’t feel very TKC to be trying so hard anyway. And frankly you guys, we had a lot more fun this season. I don’t want to go so far as to say it’s just because we wore flats 90% of the time, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Literally.

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NYFF Day 4

At Katie’s fourth and last day at NYFF she held her own show Hot to Adop to help adopt cat’s, For it being a show at NYFF there is hardly any information on it other then it were on for four hours and lot’s of cat’s found new homes, We do have some official photos from the event now as well as fan photos from those lucky enough to be there, Katie left New York after this for LA to film her new movie.

– Public Events > 2016 >Katie Hosts Hot 2 Adopt event

NYFW Day 3

Day three of New York Fashion Week is here and so far Katie has spent the day doing promotion for her upcoming Feline Fashion Lounge and Adoption Event that will take place tomorrow, Katie made a stop at SiriusXM radio with a cat to talk about Hot To Adopt and did a interview with Nyctalon out in New York it’s self photos from both are up in the gallery right now, Katie as well did a video interviews with Us Weekly and FOX411 and you can watch it below by click on it. And Katie did round up the day by doing one run way show for Tadashi Shoji that night photos from it are up as well.

– Public Events > 2016 >Katie Visit SiriusXM
– Public Events > 2016 >Nyctalon
– Public Events > 2016 >Tadashi Shoji – New York Fashion Week – Press Line
– Public Events > 2016 >Tadashi Shoji – New York Fashion Week – Show

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