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New URL, New Host

It is with a heavy heart I am to inform you guys that is no more, and as most of you known our fansite host is closing down after the site being on there for 6+ years and I can not keep the URL BUT all is not lost as the site will keep going under its new name and URL The other good news is that noting on the site was lost in the move to are new host You can still get to this site using the old URL but I would like to ask all the people to save this new link and for all are affiliates to update to this link as well. If you do see any thing that is not working right please let me known about it and here is to the next 6 years of Katie Cassidy Online.

3 Comments on “New URL, New Host”

  1. Hey Abby! I’m Becky from K-Cassidy.Org. We will be back as well, looking for a new URL/host atm. Can you keep our place at the affies please? I’ll let you know of the new one whenever that happens.

  2. Hey,
    yep thats fines. If you need help or anything give me a email its a crazy time for us all right now.

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