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So I Got To Meet Katie!!!

Well I just got back from the City Of Heroes 2 con that took place over the weekend, And at long long last got to meet Katie. She had to pull out of the Saturday as she torn her bicep but did make it for the Sunday. I got to have two photos with her but at this time I only have one of them, and be one of the lucky one’s to get her auto the only bad thing was I did not get to see her panel as it was in Hall 2 and I was Hall 1 still not happy about that one. Katie her self was lovely and very sweet with all her fans despite being rush of her feet and being in a lot of pain for the looks of it. I did only get to talk to her a little when I was getting my autos and gave her my Scribbler cover and she stop looked up and said she was very happy I had this and when I said back it’s a great movie she said “that means a lot to me” very sweet and made me so happy. I have post my photo with Katie and so so sorry for the look on my face I call it the “OMG I’M STANDING NEXT TO KATIE” look not my best. And If any one has websites on any of the other people who were at the con and would like photos please email me about them, And if people want to see some of my candids you can on my tumblr page Ayaba

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