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Katie’s Mega Con Panel Video

With a BIG thank you to Nerdsand Beyond who were at Katie’s panel at Mega con and who send it to me for you all to see.

Katie says new projects is a new thriller film
“Malcolm’s new love interest is Black Siren.”
Would Katie like to face off against caity as Black Siren vs White Canary? “Ooh yes.”
Katie recently found out she’s going to be the lead in a badass woman video game! Katie is a gamer!
Katie says favorite moment was the end of season 2 when she put on the jacket
“I do hope there will be more.” Katie talking about Black Siren
Which costume did Katie prefer? Black Canary or Black Siren? She can’t pick! “They’re so cool!”
“This is what he looks like. He’s really hot.” -Katie on learning what the Green Arrow & Stephen looked like
Katie really wanted to do some action and kick some ass as Black Canary
loved getting to play the villain in Black Siren on The Flash. “It’s fun to play bad
Katie says that it was sad that Laurel had to die but she understood it from a story standpoint

Again thanks Nerdsand Beyond .

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  1. It was a pleasure meeting you on Sunday May 29, 2016 at MegaCon Orlando. It took everything in my power to keep my wife from running off and buying you a piece of pizza, as you had just put on the Grey Knit Cap that said, “I just want Pizza”. As my wife and I walked away after briefly meeting with you she turns and mentions to me, “I met her father David Cassidy in 1972, when he was starring in “The Patridge Family” while they were filming an episode at the Amusement Park, “Kings Island”, episode, “Together, We’re Better”. My wife of 41 years was 21 years old. She turned to me and remarked, “…well I’ve now meet 2 members of the Cassidy Family”, as if I should have known that fact. I burst out laughing!
    FYI: Don’t you dare die again in “The Green Arrow”.
    Robert Morgenthal MD

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