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Katie Cassidy to appear at the MCM Hannover Comic Con

Katie at this time is in Spain but she will be making her way over next weekend to Hannover Germany for MCM Hannover Comic Con, Katie is set to be there on both Saturday and Sunday with her Autograph Price being €40 and Photo Session Price being €60, You can book your tickers Here

We are incredibly happy to announce that the amazing Katie Cassidy will be appearing as a special guest at MCM Hannover Comic Con! Katie has appeared in some of our favorite movies and series. She was kidnapped as “Amanda” in 96 Hours (Taken), has helped Sam and Dean with hunting demons in Supernatural, and wanted to take vengeance on Serena as “Juliet Sharp” in Gossip Girl.

Recently, Katie performed in a leading role, when she starred as “Laurel Lance” in the crime series Arrow. She will be present at the MCM Hannover Comic Con on Saturday, May 20thand Sunday, May 21st.


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