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Megacon 2017

Two weeks ago Katie made a new convention this time for MegaCon Tampa Bay. As with all her cons she did photoshoots and autos with the fans on both day’s and had a solo panel on Sunday. Photos from both days are now up in the gallery and sorry they took so long was having some behind the scenes problems with the site.

From Katie’s panel (Credit omegaunderground

“I can’t take David Ramsay down. I don’t think anyone can. His arm is the size of my body,” Katie Cassidy pointed out when discussing her intense daily workout routine that includes boxing. She demonstrated some of her moves on Moisés Chiullán who presided over almost every single panel.
– Apart from her acting, Cassidy also has a lifestyle brand, Tomboy KC. She wants to expand it into clothing, including men’s clothing.
“Sharknado? Sure,” she said, agreeing to the possibility of being in it. “What’s that?”, The Audience and Chiullán fills her in on the successful Syfy film series. “So, there’s a tornado of sharks? Can I be a shark?”. After finding out that wouldn’t be an option, Cassidy changed her answer to, “Then no, I don’t want to die.”
– Cassidy is open to being on America’s Ninja Warrior, “Sure”.
– She was also asked about Supernatural.
“When they killed me off…all these people love killing me off, the contract I signed, I could still be on the show if they hadn’t done that,” Cassidy said before later adding since deaths don’t always mean an end to that character, “And we all film in Vancouver…”
– However, most of the audience wanted to know about Arrow and what might happen for her character. One questioner laid out how Black Siren could be redeemed.
“I really hope they decide to do this…there is a chance of redemption for her…I think that it would be interesting and really hard but a lot of fun at the same time.”
– There were some questions she had to refuse. DC or Marvel? “I’d lose my job!”
– Arrow or The Flash? “I love my job!”

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