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Juliana Harkavy On Season 6: There’s a Lot of ‘Bad Blood’ Between Black Canary and Black Siren

Well there was no Katie on this week’s episode of Arrow and I’m guessing we will not see her till episode 4 now, But good news is Katie is now back in Vancouver filming I would say episode 9 or the crossover maybe. Variety got to sit down with Juliana and talk about what is going to happen with Black Siren in the coming weeks.

There were some great scenes between Black Canary and Black Siren in the premiere. How does that rivalry play out in the episodes to come?
It definitely doesn’t die down. There is a lot of bad blood between Siren and Canary. It’s fun to watch those fights – they’re very charged because of the history of where they came from and what they’ve been through. People who like those fights can definitely come to expect more of them, and they’ll get bigger and better.


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