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Arrow “6×13 – The Devil’s Greatest” HD Screen Captures

At long last a episode that showed Kaite off and man did she not disappoint us, A lot happens this week with Cayden finding out some one on his team killed his son and turning them all in, Laurel taking the photo of earth 1 Laurel and her dad with her, Black Siren vs Black Canary x 2, Laurel telling her dad she is evil and to give up on her, Cayden saying she is not as evil as she let’s on, Black Canary shooting Laurel and Quentin taking Laurel to make her good so yes a lot when down. And with some of the BTS photos Katie and the cast have been showing on Social Media we may be getting a good Black Siren soon. HD screen captures are now up in the gallery for you all and if you click read more you can watch some of the videos.

003.jpg 009.jpg 

003.jpg 009.jpg 

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