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First off as you can all see I’m at last back from my time in Chicago, When I was away the full trailer for the first of movies Katie did back 2016 Cover Versions hit the web. Katie play’s Jackie who is the leader of the band and co-stars Drake Bell, Austin Swift, Jerry Trainor, Debby Ryan and more in Todd Berger murder mystery. The other news we have is that the movie will at long last be released on digital platforms on April 10th, there is still no word on if it will get a Blu-Ray/DVD release at this time but I’m hoping that some time in May it could get one. I will do my best to get hold on a copy to screen capture for the site when it dose come’s out in April but till then we will just have to keep watching the trailer to get our fix and hope that in the months to come we will get some news on Katie’s other movie she did back in 2016 Grace.

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