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Cover Versions (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

With the movie out tomorrow Sony have now released the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the movie with the lead song being the one we got a music video for Castles as well as 24 other songs.

1. Castles
2. Seasons (Spring): I. Allegro (Antonio Vivaldi)
3. Starfoxy Arrives
4. This Place Makes Me Want To Kill
5. Snow Blind
6. Seasons (Summer): III. Presto (Antonio Vivaldi)
7. Red Light
8. Roshomon Homecoming
9. Incorrect
10. This Place Makes Me Want To Kill
11. Stars In Black Sky part 1
12. Stars In Black Sky part 2
13. Seasons (Autumn): III. Allegro II (Antonio Vivaldi)
14. Roshomon Homecoming part 2
15. The Corruption of Ravers
16. The Drug of Choice
17. Roofie Takes Hold
18. Seasons (Winter): I. Allegro non Molto (Antonio Vivaldi)
19. Rebel Shake
20. Blind Ambition
21. Hollywood Knives
22. Fall of the Queen
23. Who Made the Dark
24. Castles (Original Version)
25. This Place Makes Me Want To Kill (Original Version)

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