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From The Panel

# When asked who was the strongest In real life both Segarra and kirk said Katie would kick there ass’s.
# She absolutely loves Caity and always wants to shoot with her no matter what show it’s on to do it.
# She enjoys going to the crossovers too because it means a change of scenery and she get’s new people to play with.
# kaity said we will learn more about Black Siren next season and her backstory and that redemption is definitely possible.
# Katie, Josh and Kirk she how much the cast look after each over on set and help were they can.
# Katie said Laurel’s death scene was very hard for her to film and the rest of the cast were all there for her.
# When talking about Laurel’s season 1 to 3 journey fun being the lawyer to hitting rock bottom to becoming the black Canary they after that her story was done and although she was in the scenes there was nothing much for her to do anymore and for her to grow the character but now she is the villain it offers her more material to work with and to play about more.
# The cast misheard a man’s name and thinking he said “Lance” Katie told him “be careful, the Lances don’t have the best of luck” when told his real name she then said “it’s ok then your safe”
# When asked about Laurel being the one in the grave, Katie said at first She thought no one was going to be in it, and was just a ploy from the writers, but then she got the called about it being her in it she said “It sucked when I found out I was the one in the grave”.
# She thanked the fan’s for getting her back on the show with all the fan’s outrage over it.
# When asked about her Earth X character and the unrequited love between herself and Oliver Katie said she did known about it but that was all she was saying.
# When Kirk was asked about the romanetes between Diaz and Laurel he said they could have had “some little screaming babies” to which Katie said he killed her father so it’s a no from her.
# She said she has fun this season but felt the cabin episode (6×14 – Collision Course) was her Turning Point with a character arc and getting to dive into more on a storyline, as before that it was frustrating for her just to come in and scream then go away.
# When a little boy came up to ask if Black Siren’s powers would affect him if he took his hearing aids out she said “You Keep them in, they are your superpower” then jumped off the stage to give the little boy a hug, then helped him back to his seat.
# Katie said it was just so freeing to play a villain and loved she could get away with all the evilness.

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