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Arrow: ‘Birds of Prey’-Inspired Episode to Feature Laurel — and Who Else?

AT LAST IT’S HAPPENING not only will we at last get to see Laurel’s backstory but get to find out if her redemption arc is real or not and on top of that she will play a big part in a Birds Of Prey episode.

Tvline – The back half of Arrow Season 7 has plans for ADA Laurel Lance above and beyond her giving Oliver side-eye during his TV news program appearances.

As Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz revealed as part of TVLine’s in-depth midseason preview Q&A, “We are doing a Birds of Prey-inspired episode, that Laurel (played by Katie Cassidy) will be involved with.”

The famously spoiler-averse Schwartz left the tease at that, other than to invite viewers to speculate as to who might join Laurel on that team-up. (In the comic books, the actual Birds of Prey is typically comprised of Black Canary and Oracle/Barbara Gordon, plus a rotation of other female superheroes. The short-lived 2002-2003 TV series featured Oracle, Dinah Lance and Huntress.)

In addition to the above — as well as an episode that will shed light on this Laurel’s Earth-Two backstory — Schwartz said, “We’ll get to see what happens in her overall redemption arc — whether she really did turn over a new leaf, or is she still the same evil Black Siren we met last season.”

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