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Katie Reportedly Leaving The Arrowverse This Year

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS JUST A RUMOUR AT THIS TIME. But the news is coming out that Katie will be leaving Arrow some time after episode 18 is this true I have no clue with Arrow ending and her self being newly married she may want to keep close to home in LA now, Again this is just a rumour but if true I hope she would come back for Arrow’s last episode.

We got this covered – Yesterday we found out that Arrow was coming to an end after its eighth season, but fans of The CW’s superhero shared universe shouldn’t be worried about the fate of the Arrowverse, as all the evidence points to it continuing to thrive, just in new and exciting ways. Given that, it’s totally possible – maybe even likely – that members of Team Arrow will stick around the franchise, just on other shows.

One who apparently won’t be, though, is Katie Cassidy. A source has told We Got This Covered that the actress who’s been with Arrow since the beginning is looking to leave the Arrowverse for good this year. We can’t say anymore than that at this stage, but it’s believed that the star feels she’s been with the DC world long enough and wishes to move on to new challenges. It’s also probable that her mind was made up by the fact that Arrow is ending.

Fans will know that Cassidy has played Laurel Dinah Lance on the series ever since Arrow‘s pilot episode. Although, she hasn’t always portrayed the same Laurel. The original Black Canary was shockingly killed off in season 4, but she soon returned in season 5 as the Earth-2 version, who’s walked a path to redemption ever since. With Black Siren pretty much totally reformed by this point, you can see why the actress might feel she’s done all she can with her dual role.

It’s unclear at this stage, however, if Cassidy plans to leave at the end of season 7 or will stick around for the extra 10 episodes that’ll make up Arrow’s shorter final season. Either way, we shouldn’t expect to see Laurel-2 migrating over to Central City or the Waverider once the series is wrapped up.

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