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1. Your website must be of high quality we tend to ONLY accept sites that are. We look for HQ graphics & page coding etc.

2. Make sure your website is updated often, We rather not affiliate with a site that is rarely updated.

3. Your website must be ;Up and Running;, no ;Coming Soon!; or ;On Hiatus; sites unless you keep affiliate links up on your site it kind of just depends.

4. No Porn, Hate, or Copy Cat sites;etc.

5. We do not accept sites hosted on free servers like: geocities, angelfire, freewebs, msn..etc. Unless your site is of extremely high quality.

6. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks of applying then you were not accepted.

Here you can apply for becoming an affiliate. Once approved, you will get an email from us.

If you are experiencing any troubles with this form or want to apply as elite or top affiliates, send an e-mail to abbyhl[at]hotmail.com!

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