When A Stranger Calls Screencaps

I’ve have added over 180 MQ screencaps from Katie’s 2006 movie When a Stranger Calls to the gallery for you all, enjoy them.

Movies > When A Stranger Calls > Screencaptures

TCA Summer Tour

Katie and her Melrose Place co-stars attended the TCA Summer Tour Party yesterday. I have uploaded some pictures to the gallery!
Thanks to Lauren for sending them in.

Appearances > 2009 > TCA Summer Tour – Aug 03

Edit: Some more pics added!

New Melrose Place Promos and Stills

The CW has just post some new gorgeous promos of the full cast of Melrose Place and one new still from the Pilot of Katie. Here is hoping more will come online soon.

Television > Melrose Place > Season 1 > Promotional Pictures > Promo Pics
Television > Melrose Place > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1×01 – Pilot

Edit by Anika: I’ve added two more episode stills. Use the link above to view the album.

Melrose Place subpage

I have added a new page with some basic information about Melrose Place and Katie’s character Ella. Hopefully I will be able to write a little more about the show soon!

In the meantime you can check out the page here!

Tagboard added

I have added a tagboard to the sidebar! You can now chat to other visitors, leave comments concerning the site, etc.

There are some simple rules:
1. Be nice to each other.
2. No hateful comments are allowed – they will be deleted.
3. No spam is allowed – it will also be deleted.

Have fun 🙂

New Melrose Place promo picture

Click here to get a first look at the newest Melrose Place promo picture!

new layout @ http://katie-cass…

new layout @ http://katie-cassidy.us! made by http://addicted.fan-sites.org 🙂

New layout

Even though I was absolutely in love with the former layout, I wanted something with the new Melrose Place pictures.
This time the layout was designed and coded by Addicted Designs. I really hope you guys like it!

Please let me know if you find any errors!

there will be a great new layo…

there will be a great new layout up very soon!

Some new icons

I have created some new icons for you! I hope you like them.

The rest can be found here!

New Melrose Place posters

Two new Melrose Place posters featuring the latest promo pictures have been released!

Television > Melrose Place > Season 1 > Promotional Pictures > Promo Pics

Another Melrose Place pilot review

I have just found another – short but positive – review of the Melrose Place pilot!
Click here to read it!

I have one more exam coming up tomorrow and after that I will be on break from university. I’ll try to add lots of new stuff to the site!

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