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Thank you!

I had a new visitors high yesterday, so I guess lots of people loved Harper’s Island!
I really hope some of you will come back, even though the show is over.

Now we have Melrose Place to look forward to!

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Some Harper’s Island pictures

I have added some more Harper’s Island pictures to the gallery. There are two promotional pictures, one episode still from episode 1×09 and one picture of Katie behind the scenes 🙂

Sorry for the weird thumbnails! I hope I can fix it soon!

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Your Harper’s Island theories

With the two hour season finale less than a week away, I wanted to ask you for your theories again!
Who do you think will survive? Who’s the other killer? What’s the motive? etc.
I’d really love to hear what you think!

Feel free to either leave a comment to this post or send an email to!

If I receive enough comments/emails I might create a new subpage listing all your theories!