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Gallery back online & new pics

Okay guys, the gallery is back online! I’ve reuploaded some stuff and deleted all inactive user accounts that have been registered before August and weren’t activated yet.
If I deleted you by mistake, please drop me a line!

Anyway, there are new pictures of Katie filming Melrose Place. Enjoy!

Television > Melrose Place > Season 1 > On Set > August 10, 2009

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Gallery offline – Update August 11

Sorry guys, the gallery is offline at the moment. I have to rename some uploaded folders and afterwards reupload some pictures.
The gallery will be back online as soon as I’m done!

Edit: I need a little more time to fix everything and then the gallery will be back online. There will also be a new gallery layout soon and I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

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7th Heaven 9×13 – The Fine Art of Parenting Screencaptures

And look, a new update again. Don’t you all just love me? I have added in over 80 MQ caps from the TV show 7th Heaven that Katie was a part of for a time. The rest of the caps from the show are coming very soon.

Television > 7th Heaven > Screencaptures > 9×13 – The Fine Art of Parenting

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Another gallery update

I have replaced all the Melrose Place episode stills with high quality ones and Abby has uploaded tons of television and movie pictures!
Here are the updated albums…

Television > Melrose Place > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1×01 – Pilot
Television > Melrose Place > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1×02
Television > Harper’s Island > Promotional Pictures > Promo Pics
Television > Harper’s Island > Episode Stills > Episode Stills
Television > Melrose Place > Season 1 > Promotional Pictures > Promo Pics
Movies > When A Stranger Calls > Movie Stills
Movies > Black Christmas > Stills
Movies > Black Christmas > Behind the Scenes
Movies > Walk the Talk > Stills