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22 May 2009

Pictures from the Upfronts Party

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Now you can find pictures of last night’s Upfronts Party in the gallery 🙂

Appearances > 2009 > Upfronts Party – May 21

21 May 2009

Upfronts May 21 – Red Carpet

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I’ve just uploaded the first pictures to the gallery! I will add more pictures as soon as I can, but I won’t be updating this post anymore!

I’ve also added two more pictures to yesterday’s pics!

Appearances > 2009 > Upfronts – May 21
Appearances > 2009 > Upfront Suite – May 20

20 May 2009

Melrose Place news

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The CW has officially picked up the updated version of Melrose Place, the campy 1990s series revolving around a group of twentysomethings who live in a swanky L.A. apartment complex. The new version adheres to the same premise, but with a murder-mystery twist introduced in the pilot.

While the original series included an openly gay male character, this one includes a bisexual woman: Stylish publicist Ella, played by Katie Cassidy (Taken, Harper’s Island), who is in a casual relationship with fellow apartment-dweller David (Shaun Sipos).

Ella’s bisexuality will reportedly be revealed in the pilot via a kiss at a club. The casting call for the pilot included an “early 20’s, gorgeous, exotic model type who catches ‘Ella’s’ (Katie Cassidy) eye in a club and they share a passionate same sex kiss.”

Source: afterellen.com

Click here to take a look at the first Melrose Place pictures.

20 May 2009

Upfront Pictures!

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These pictures of Katie and her Melrose Place co-stars were taken in New York City earlier today 🙂

Appearances > 2009 > Upfront Suite – May 20

18 May 2009

Melrose Place likely to get picked up

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It’s this time of the year again and the chances for Melrose Place getting picked up seem to be pretty good!

The CW is likely to give a ‘go ahead’ for two new pilots, the “Melrose Place” spin-off and the adaptation of LJane Smith’s novel series “Vampire Diaries”. Should the reports are true, then both series will be included in the Fall schedule.

Source: aceshowbiz.com

18 May 2009

Katie on Harper’s Island

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BuddyTV has talked to the cast of Harper’s Island about what it was like to work on the show…

Meanwhile, Katie Cassidy, who portrays the bride, revealed how much anticipation the mystery held for all of them. “When we got the scripts, it was like Christmas morning,” she exclaimed. “We would sit there in the green room frantically trying to find out who’s going to go and what’s going to happen.”

Source: BuddyTV

10 May 2009

Harper’s Island screencaps: 1×05 – Thwack

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Here are screencaps of last night’s episode 🙂
If you use them for graphics you are very welcome to donate your stuff to this site! You’ll be fully credited, of course!

Television > Harper’s Island > Screencaptures > 1×05 – Thwack
Other Pictures > 2009 > 001

08 May 2009

Harper’s Island screencaps: 1×04 – Bang

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I have finally uploaded screencaps of last week’s episode! Sorry for the delay!

Television > Harper’s Island > Screencaptures > 1×04 – Bang

04 May 2009

Mini Hiatus

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I think you’ve noticed that things have been quiet around here…
I’m really busy with university, so I probably won’t be able to update for another few days!

I’m hoping to have the Harper’s Island screencaps up by Wednesday, and I will definitely be back at the weekend!

01 May 2009

Katie in A Nightmare on Elm Street

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Katie has joined the cast of the new A Nightmare on Elm Street movie.
She will be playing the role of Kris.
Other cast members include Rooney Mara, Kyle Gallner, Thomas Dekker and Jackie Earle Haley.

Filming will start next month in the Chiago area and the movie is set to be released on April 16, 2010.

Source: shocktillyoudrop.com

30 April 2009

New timeslot for Harper’s Island

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CBS has moved Harper’s Island to a new timeslot. The remaining episodes will now be aired on Saturdays 9:00pm ET/PT!

24 April 2009

Harper’s Island screencaps: 1×03 – Ka-Blam

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I have uploaded screencaps of last night’s episode to the gallery. Katie looked great as usual 🙂
I hope you liked the episode!

Television > Harper’s Island > Screencaptures > 1×03 – Ka-Blam