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Jul 2009
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For those of you who are worried: there won’t be any Harper’s Island spoilers on the site! I even deleted the latest images from the sidebar

Jul 2009
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I found an article about the Harper’s Island finale on buddytv.com! It is spoilery, but if you want to read it click here!

You can also still send me your Harper’s Island theories! I’d love to read them 🙂

Jul 2009
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Meet the new residents of Melrose Place

Jul 2009
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I have added some more Harper’s Island pictures to the gallery. There are two promotional pictures, one episode still from episode 1×09 and one picture of Katie behind the scenes 🙂

Sorry for the weird thumbnails! I hope I can fix it soon!

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Television > Harper’s Island > Behind the Scenes > Behind the scenes of Harper’s Island

Jul 2009
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Send me your Harper’s Island theories! http://katie-cassidy.us/?p=198

Jul 2009
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With the two hour season finale less than a week away, I wanted to ask you for your theories again!
Who do you think will survive? Who’s the other killer? What’s the motive? etc.
I’d really love to hear what you think!

Feel free to either leave a comment to this post or send an email to katiecasonline@googlemail.com!

If I receive enough comments/emails I might create a new subpage listing all your theories!

Jul 2009
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Some of you might know that all cast members of Harper’s Island were asked how they’d like their character to die before they started filming…
This last video features six of the eight remaining actors – including Katie, of course:

Jul 2009
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Look what Christopher Gorham tweeted a few hours ago 😀

Amended lesson from Taken: Do NOT let your daughter go to Paris with Katie Cassidy. Nor to a destination wedding.

Jun 2009
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Everything is now as it was yesterday before the “incident” 😉

I also wanted to remind you that there won’t be a new episode of Harper’s Island this week! The remaining two episodes will air back to back on July 11 (USA) or July 9 (Canada).