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New, Arrow Laurel’s Badass Side Spoilers!

THANK you for the Huntress pic. It made me all the more eager to see Laurel turn into the Black Canary. Any update on that? — Patrick
For the time being, we’ll continue seeing “glimpses” of Laurel’s badass side, according to EP Andrew Kreisberg. Those teases, he says, are the fun of the audience knowing her ultimate destiny. “There will be more stuff coming up where you see glimpses of her as the hero and — especially as her relationship with the arrow deepens — her seeing the benefits of working outside the law,” he says. More immediately, look for Laurel to have a night out on the town — and she’s not exactly happy about it! “There is a fun double-date with Oliver, the Huntress, Laurel and Tommy,” says Kreisberg. “For the Birds of Prey fans out there — you do get to see a Laurel and Helena not entirely enjoy having dinner with each other.”

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‘Arrow’ Offers Encouraging News for CW

To put it delicately, the CW network has struggled in the ratings in recent years. “Gossip Girl,” formerly its flagship series, has lost most of its audience, unable to average even a million viewers an episode during this, its final season, and the network has not introduced a successful new program since “The Vampire Diaries” in 2009.

There is some hope this year, however, in the form of the new superhero drama “Arrow.” The series premiere on Oct. 10 drew 4.1 million total viewers, which was the largest audience for any show on any night for the network in three years. It was also the most watched CW premiere since “The Vampire Diaries.”

Based on the adventures of the Green Arrow, the DC Comics character introduced in 1941, “Arrow” follows Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who also happens to fight crime with his archery skills while favoring emerald-colored attire.

On Oct. 22, CW gave “Arrow” a full-season order, noting that the show had retained 100 percent of viewers 18 to 49 for its second episode. Since that announcement, the show has held onto 85 percent of that audience while hitting the 3.5 million mark in total viewers. The most recent episode, on Oct. 31, recorded a slight drop, but television ratings have been down across the board this week because of Hurricane Sandy; the broadcast also fell on Halloween, a night when fans were just as likely to dress up like Green Arrow as watch a show starring him.


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Arrow “1×04 – An Innocent Man!” HD Screen Captures

Here are the screencaptures from last nights episode of Arrow “1×04 – An Innocent Man!”. This was a big Katie episode and shows just how far she will go for the truth and now maby Arrow to. Over 400+ HD caps were added into the gallery. Enjoy!

– Arrow > Season 1 > Screencaptures > 1×04 – An Innocent Man!

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Arrow “1×03 – Lone Gunmen” HD Screen Captures

Here are the screencaptures from last nights episode of Arrow “1×03 – Lone Gunmen”. Not a lot of Katie but we did get to see her kick ass, what do you all think is she the black canary right now?. Over 100+ HD caps were added into the gallery. Enjoy!

– Arrow > Season 1 > Screencaptures > 1×03 – Lone Gunmen

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Arrow “1×01 – Pilot” Videos

I at last got round to making and added in videos of Katie from arrow 1×01 – Pilot. There are four videos in total for you all to download and more videos will be coming very soon. And on top of that I redid the Career page with a new look and arrow info so go and have a look .

– television Productions > Arrow (2012-2013) > 1×01 – Pilot

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NYCC: Amell, Cassidy & Holland Discuss “Arrow”

Following its season premiere on the CW, “Arrow” came to New York Comic Con 2012 ready to show off with a panel on the final day of the show. Featuring series stars Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen), Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance) and Willa Holland (Thea Queen) along with producer Marc Guggenheim took the stage in a packed theater for a special video presentation and question and answer session with the audience looking back at last week’s pilot and forward to the rest of the first season.

DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns took the stage clad in a Green Lantern hat and Dr. Pepper shirt and introduced the panel, starting with Marc Guggenheim.

“Instead of talking about [what I’m excited about], why don’t we show some stuff?” asked Guggenheim. A clip began playing with Stephen Amell saying “My father left me a list of names,” and detailing his reason for becoming a vigilante. Clips were shown of Oliver’s time on the island, a sneak peek of John Barrowman’s character. Plus an interaction with Laurel Lance and Amell’s Arrow character. The first footage of Deathstroke also appeared, alone girth a fight between Arrow and China White, Deadshot attempting to assassinate someone and a number of quick cuts with a ton of action. “Every last one of them will wish I had died on that island,” Amell, as Arrow, said at the end of the clip.

Cassidy, Holland and Amell joined Guggenheim on stage following the clip and Johns kicked things off asking Guggenheim about comic book influence.

“Obviously, Andrew [Kreisberg] and I write comic books. We approach each episode as fans,” he said. “‘Longbow Hunters’ and ‘Year One’ are huge influences on our take.” Guggenheim further described the approach as “Nolan”-esque.

Amell spoke briefly about his time training for archery on the show. The actor watched a 45 minute video on all the ways archery had been done poorly on film and television before even picking up a bow. “The archery world has a term — it’s called Legolasing,” he said. “I didn’t want to Legolas.”
Holland commented on the fact that she was called “Speedy” in the pilot and said she was ready to pick up the bow.
Cassidy said her experience playing Laurel Lance as “awesome.

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