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Comic-Con 2014

After having to miss day one and the arrow panel/fan autos. Katie did make it to day two and the big Warner Bros. Television & DC Entertainment World Premiere Presentation as well as doing some photoshoots and interviews. Some photos from the event and panel are now up in the gallery.

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Arrow Season Three First Look

The comic-con arrow panel was just on night and there had for us the first look at season three of Arrow, You can see Katie in two parts of it but as with last years one there is not a lot of her but the season is looking great so far. About Katie and her not being at the panel, her self, Caity & Emily were filming Arrow today so could not make it but Katie will be there tomorrow for the night of DC.

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More Arrow Season 3 Scoop

Beware there are SPOILERS here.

Zap2it: How does Season 3 begin?
Marc Guggenheim: In many ways the season begins in a completely opposite place from where Season 2 began. In Season 2, Oliver was sort of in self-imposed exile, he was mourning the loss of Tommy, things were awkward with Laurel. He wasn’t even in Starling City. Season 2 sort of started out with a “Blah, everything sucks” note.

Season 3 is the exact opposite. We come in and everything’s coming up Arrow! The team is clicking like you wouldn’t believe. Things are great. He’s got a relationship cooking with Laurel where it’s like “You catch ’em, I cook ’em.” Because she’s a DA, he’s setting them up and she’s knocking them down. It’s a great deal of fun to see them have this completely new relationship. And in the city, crime is down. The city is finally not falling apart.

Caity Lotz returns for at least three more episodes as Laurel’s sister Sara, starting with the premiere. Last seen giving Laurel her black leather jacket in the finale as a passing of the baton to the next presumed Black Canary, Kreisberg was mum about the context of her appearance: “She’s come back to Starling City with a very specific mission.” Laurel, he maintains, has a long road ahead to becoming her comic book alter ego. “She’s an attorney with a nice, sweet jacket,” Kreisberg says with a laugh. “We’re going to see Laurel take a few big steps toward her comic book self this season. Let’s just say that Katie Cassidy is pumping iron.”

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What Katie Wore: A Canadian Tuxed In Canada

The Canadian Tuxedo hasn’t had it easy, often categorized as tasteless, tacky and much too much (we blame Justin and Britney). But as lovers and defenders of denim everything, this past trip to Vancouver we took a page from Bing Crosby’s book (yes, that same book from which the Canadian Tuxedo came) and brought the whole denim-on-denim thing right back to where it started – O, Canada. Full. Circle. It felt only right…
Inspired by the denim prowess of the likes of Kanye West (because if Kanye says do it…), we put the Canadian Tuxedo to the summer test. Ok, so it’s possible we traded in a pair of jeans for cutoff shorts and maybe this shirt is actually chambray, but the spirit of the whole denim-on-denim thing is there. Right? After all, it is summer, what else were we supposed to do? We are all for sacrificing oneself for fashion to a degree, but when that degree has an eight in front of it we can’t help but cry ‘uncle.’ We think Bing would totally understand.

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Arrow Season 3 Scoop

Beware there are SPOILERS here.

TV LINE: We spoke with exec producer Marc Guggenheim at a Thursday night CW soiree, where he professed, “One of the things we’re most excited about is Laurel’s story. Everything that we’ve been gearing up for, for the last 46 episodes, will come to fruition” — possibly including that passing of a baton/leather jacket in the season finale. As the season opens, “She’s still in the DA’s office,” Guggenheim added.

Q: Sara (Caity Lotz) passed on her Canary jacket to Laurel (Katie Cassidy). Is that a mantle she’ll take up fairly quickly and what will her relationship with Oliver look like this season?
ANDREW KREISBERG: As always with all of these things, you can’t just put on a mask and go running around. You’ll get killed. Laurel is still just an attorney. She’s an attorney with a jacket. I think Katie Cassidy fans are going to be very, very excited about her trajectory this year. Laurel is going to have a new love interest this season.

Q: Is Laurel (Katie Cassidy) ready to become the new Black Canary?
ANDREW KREISBERG: Sara (Caity Lotz) may have given her the leather jacket before leaving Starling City, but that’s all Laurel has… so far. If she does undergo hero training it will be over the course of the [third] season.