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Arrow Coming To Comic-Con 2018

So far it looks like Katie will be at this years Comic-Con 2018 with her Arrow cast.

Marvel Studios and HBO are both skipping Comic-Con 2018, so shows like The Big Bang Theory, The Flash, Supergirl, Riverdale and Arrow are taking the spotlight instead.
All of these shows and more will be representing Warner Bros TV at the pop culture convention next month, and the studio will even get to move into the prestigious Hall H on Sunday. As usual, there will be autograph signings with key cast members throughout the weekend, a world-premiere of NBC’s Lost-like thriller Manifest, and special screenings of The 100 and ArrowVerse animated spin-off Freedom Fighters: The Ray.

But it’s the panel line-ups we’re all most interested in, so let’s have a look

Arrow (4.15pm): A special video preview and panel with cast Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Katie Cassidy, Echo Kellum, Juliana Harkavy, Rick Gonzalez and Colton Haynes. Ballroom 20.

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Katie Cassidy Talks Arrow, Her Love of Catwoman, And SheThority -On April 27th Capital One launched their Financial Superpower Experience. The initiative aims to educate people about their financial stresses, goals, and problems through a fun, interactive exhibit featuring some killer superhero designs. No superhero-themed launch event would be complete without a real-life superhero on site, and Capital One made sure it had that base covered. Katie Cassidy of Arrow spent the day at the event, which took place less than 24 hours after shooting for Arrow Season 6 wrapped. Cassidy has been a part of the show from day one, playing Laurel Lance/Black Canary as well as the supervillain Black Siren. Since we love them so much here at Geek, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to talk about superheroes. Specifically what they mean to their fans, and what they mean to the people who play them. Cassidy was warm and candid as we discussed Black Canary, ramen noodles, and of course, cats.

So I’m going to start out with a question I’m sure you’ve been asked before: Were you into superheroes when you were a kid?
I was a fan of Catwoman. But Michelle Pfieffer Catwoman especially. Phenomenal.

Who did you look up to as a hero when you were growing up?
In terms of like, providing financial guidance it was actually my grandmother. She was very encouraging towards saving and big on saving up for buying a home which I appreciate. She kind of showed me, guided me through because at 17, 18 my parents were like, ‘Great, if you wanna pursue acting you’re on your own. Good luck with that.’ I think there’s a misinterpretation of where I come from and what family I come from and actually what my upbringing was. It’s very different than what people think. So I moved out when I was 18. I had a couple of thousand dollars to my name. It was a lot of trial and error, and I definitely learned the hard way and went through a short period where I had to ask my mom for groceries. That was about all they were willing to help with. A lot of Top Ramen.

Yeah, I know that life.
Well, don’t worry. It gets better, but I think everybody has to do it.

It builds character.
It builds character, and it also makes you appreciate it more.

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Heroes & Villains Fan Fest London

From The Panel

# When asked who was the strongest In real life both Segarra and kirk said Katie would kick there ass’s.
# She absolutely loves Caity and always wants to shoot with her no matter what show it’s on to do it.
# She enjoys going to the crossovers too because it means a change of scenery and she get’s new people to play with.
# kaity said we will learn more about Black Siren next season and her backstory and that redemption is definitely possible.
# Katie, Josh and Kirk she how much the cast look after each over on set and help were they can.
# Katie said Laurel’s death scene was very hard for her to film and the rest of the cast were all there for her.
# When talking about Laurel’s season 1 to 3 journey fun being the lawyer to hitting rock bottom to becoming the black Canary they after that her story was done and although she was in the scenes there was nothing much for her to do anymore and for her to grow the character but now she is the villain it offers her more material to work with and to play about more.
# The cast misheard a man’s name and thinking he said “Lance” Katie told him “be careful, the Lances don’t have the best of luck” when told his real name she then said “it’s ok then your safe”
# When asked about Laurel being the one in the grave, Katie said at first She thought no one was going to be in it, and was just a ploy from the writers, but then she got the called about it being her in it she said “It sucked when I found out I was the one in the grave”.
# She thanked the fan’s for getting her back on the show with all the fan’s outrage over it.
# When asked about her Earth X character and the unrequited love between herself and Oliver Katie said she did known about it but that was all she was saying.
# When Kirk was asked about the romanetes between Diaz and Laurel he said they could have had “some little screaming babies” to which Katie said he killed her father so it’s a no from her.
# She said she has fun this season but felt the cabin episode (6×14 – Collision Course) was her Turning Point with a character arc and getting to dive into more on a storyline, as before that it was frustrating for her just to come in and scream then go away.
# When a little boy came up to ask if Black Siren’s powers would affect him if he took his hearing aids out she said “You Keep them in, they are your superpower” then jumped off the stage to give the little boy a hug, then helped him back to his seat.
# Katie said it was just so freeing to play a villain and loved she could get away with all the evilness.

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Back From Seeing Katie

Well what a weekend that was, I’m now back home from Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London, And I got to meet and have a little talk with Katie both days of the event and had a photoshoot with her and Caity as well. I am absolutely knackered after two day’s of being up at 5am and just queuing and queuing and more queuing but it did pay off and I got a great seat in Katie’s panel. Photos from the event will be up tomorrow as I am of to bed now but I have put two up top as a little taste for what is coming tomorrow.

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Katie At The baan tha khao school

Katie and Matt have been on a little vacation the last couple of weeks first in main land Thailand and then one of its neighbouring Islands KO Yao Noi. The other day Katie visited the baan tha khao school to play Lego and things with all the kids there and post some facebook live videos from it.

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Off To Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London Tomorrow

It’s that time of the year again and I’m off to my second Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in London to see Katie and all the others who will be there for the weekend. As was the same last year I’m not taking my laptop with me for security reasons with both my self and the venue so all updates and photos from the weekend will be added in when I get home on Sunday or Monday. If anyone is going sent me a email, I would love to meet up with people who love Katie.

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Arrow “6×23 – Life Sentence” HD Screen Captures

Last night was the big season final of Arrow season six and man did it not disappoint, Laurel did come full circle from this time last year and we at long long long last got the meeting between Sara and Laurel and we as well go the the exit of Paul Blackthorne with him protecting Laurel it in the end and then dying the same way that Earth 1’s Laurel did with a seizure. Next season is looking good with Laurel becoming one of team Arrow I would say. HD Screen captures are now up in the gallery

003.jpg 009.jpg 

003.jpg 009.jpg 

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Katie Cassidy Teases Black Siren’s Origin, Possible Redemption, and Paul Blackthorne’s Departure – Arrow’s sixth season comes to a close this week, and it sounds like some interesting things could be in store for Laurel Lance/Black Siren (Katie Cassidy).’s Brandon Davis recently got a chance to chat with Cassidy during last weekend’s Heroes and Villains FanFest Nashville. In the process, Cassidy’s teased Laurel’s unpredictable role in the season’s fight against Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo).

“I think she’s a really interesting character.” Cassidy explained. “What I love about her too is that you never know what you’re going to get with her. She’s sort of a loose cannon. I also look at her kind of as like her own island, in a way. If you think about it, you’ve got the team, you’ve got Diaz, who [Laurel] is maybe not best friends with now, and then you have me. And so it’s sort of like ‘Where do I stand?'”

While there’s no telling exactly how the season finale will play out, Cassidy hinted that Laurel could grow to be some sort of an ally to Team Arrow, or have the opportunity to kind of make her own way.

“I think, the team, she could definitely be of service to, if they trust her.” Cassidy continued. “I think that’d be a really interesting situation, if the writers decide to go with that route. But I think her having the ability to be this chameleon, and change personalities, and go undercover and in disguise and be this female Jason Bourne is great.”

And as Arrow gears up for it’s seventh season, Cassidy teased what fans could expect for the fan-favorite Earth-2 doppelganger. Fans have seen Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) attempt to reedem Laurel throughout the back half of this season, something that she’s confident could still happen.

”Yeah, absolutely.” Cassidy revealed. “I think there’s room for redemption for her character. And I think, what I believe is that if they do reveal more of her backstory, and sort of tell her story actually, there’ll be a lot more of an understanding of why she acts the way that she does.”

But before that, there’s a chance that the season six finale will drop a bombshell for Laurel, with Blackthorne confirmed to be leaving the show. And while Cassidy is sad to see her longtime co-star go, she hinted that there’s always a chance that he could return to the Arrowverse in some way.

“I love Paul so much.” Cassidy explained. “He’s such an incredible actor and person. He and I got really close, I think he would probably say I was the closest one to him. So, he’s gone, but I mean…is he really gone?”

“It’s sad, it really is.” It makes me sad because we all worked so hard for so long. It just kinda sucks when it’s like…He’s an OG. He was there from day one, I was there from day one, with Stephen, David, and Willa… Let’s hope that there’s a way to work him back in.”

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Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Nashville

Over the weekend (May 12th & 13th) Katie made a stop in Nashville for the convention Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, As with all the cons she dose she took part in Autos, Photoshoots with her fans on both days and day two did a panel with the Arrow cast who were in attendance. Photos from both days are up in the gallery.

From the Panel
# Who do you have the most fun with on the show? – Katie – all of the women across the Arrowverse. So much fun. Friends outside of the set too. Sorry guys.
# Katie on Siren getting revenge on The Dragon – “Don’t worry girl I will kick his ass”
# Katie wants a Black Siren backstory
# Katie wants us to know about Black Siren’s parents
# Said she is blessed and grateful for her time on Supernatural cause it helped prepare her for Arrow
# Said her role in Hidden Agenda the game was such a different world that acting on television. She had to use her imagination a lot and she said she was in a white room with a motion capture suit on which was different for her
# She was so excited the first time she put her suit on, that she became emotional! The rest of the cast agree!
# On what you want to see happen with your character next season? “I think everyone should make out with Felicity”

All candids are CREDIT to there OWNERS we take NO credit for THEM



– Public Events > 2018 > Conventions > Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Nashville >Autographs & Misc – Day 1
– Public Events > 2018 > Conventions > Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Nashville >Photoshoots – Day 1
– Public Events > 2018 > Conventions > Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Nashville >Autographs & Misc – Day 2
– Public Events > 2018 > Conventions > Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Nashville >Photoshoots – Day 2
– Public Events > 2018 > Conventions > Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Nashville >Panel – Day 2

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Katie Cassidy talks Capital One, Heroes & Villains, PS4 – FanSided had an opportunity to speak with Arrow star Katie Cassidy about her Capital One partnership, meeting fans at conventions, and PS4’s Hidden Agenda.
FanSided recently met up with Katie Cassidy to discuss her new Capital One partnership, meeting fans at Nashville’s Heroes & Villains Convention this weekend, and her first role in a PlayStation 4 game in Hidden Agenda. – Nir Regev: What made you want to be part of this Capital One bank partnership?
Katie Cassidy: The campaign felt like a great marriage with the idea of a financial super hero and me playing a super hero on television … And a super villain! I think part of it was Capital One learning about my story. There’s a bit of a misconception when people think about me because I come from this family of entertainers. People assume that this career was given to me, served to me. It was actually quite the opposite; I didn’t meet my father until I was in fourth grade. At 18, my biological father and I, we became friends. He was a good person to talk to for advice, career wise.

When I was 17-18, he said, “If you want to act, that’s great. But we’re not going to help you. You’re on your own if you want to move out.” I was pissed then because I was 17-18 and probably just a rebellious girl. So, I was like, “Okay fine. He’s out.” I left home, and I still think back to that era. There were only one or two times that I ever actually asked my mother to buy me groceries. I had to learn things on my own. I see myself as The Balanced Optimist, on my super hero financial side.

I learned how to balance a checkbook on my own, and I think that’s what awesome about this Capital One campaign. They’re bringing people together to talk about what is normally an uncomfortable topic. They have money coaches who are also really like life coaches. They’re professionals that can really guide your financial dreams, and it’s great to have that base all over the nation.

FS: You’re going to be at the Heroes and Villains Convention in Nashville this weekend. What does it mean to you as an actress to get to meet fans of your characters?
Katie Cassidy: It’s incredible! I love doing the conventions! It’s so cool when I get to meet fans in-person and get real face-to-face time. It occured to me recently when I was coming out of an interview that to fans I’m like the stewardess of the character, almost. Like a middleman. Their connection through me is the closest thing to the character, and it’s a big role. Big shoes to fill! We have the best fans in the world, such loyal, awesome people. I love it!

FS: Last year, you got to be the lead in your first PlayStation game, Hidden Agenda. What was the experience like? Would you do it again?
Katie Cassidy: It was awesome! Would I do it again, YES! I’m a total geek when it comes to gaming. I totally geeked out when I got to play Becky (Marney) in Hidden Agenda. I love playing Call of Duty, I play online on Twitch sometimes. I’m into Destiny, Uncharted, I got to play the new one (The Lost Legacy) recently with the two badass chicks. I started back in the day with Mortal Kombat and Duke Nukem. I love games!

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‘Arrow’s Katie Cassidy Teases Massive, Insane Season 6 Finale – In just a matter of days, Arrow fans will be treated to the show’s sixth season finale, and it sounds like it will be quite a doozy.’s Brandon Davis recently got a chance to chat with Arrow star Katie Cassidy during last weekend’s Heroes and Villains FanFest Nashville. When asked about the upcoming season six finale, “Life Sentence”, Cassidy hinted that it’s truly a spectacle.

“Oh gosh! I can’t tell you!” Cassidy exclaimed. “It’s all of the things. It’s all of the things, and then leaving you hanging. It’s huge. It’s massive. It’s insane. I don’t know how we shoot this show. I’ve been doing this for fifteen years, but I don’t know how we shoot a movie every 9 days.”

While a lot of the season finale is currently a mystery, it sounds like the fight against Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) could take some interesting turns. For one thing, the finale will reportedly see the departure of Paul Blackthorne, who has played Quentin Lance since the show’s inception.

“I love Paul so much.” Cassidy explained. “He’s such an incredible actor and person. He and I got really close, I think he would probably say I was the closest one to him. So, he’s gone, but I mean…is he really gone?”

“It’s sad, it really is.” It makes me sad because we all worked so hard for so long. It just kinda sucks when it’s like…He’s an OG. He was there from day one, I was there from day one, with Stephen, David, and Willa… Let’s hope that there’s a way to work him back in.”

And the finale will also include an appearance of Arrow alum and Legends of Tomorrow star Caity Lotz, who Cassidy was excited to share a scene with again.

“She’s just a breath of fresh air.” Cassidy revealed. “She really is like a sister to me. She and I are living together next year. Yeah, it’s great. She’s awesome. I love working with her.”

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Paul Blackthorne Talk’s About Katie – Reflecting on his Season 6 arc, Blackthorne said “it was interesting to play” Quentin’s interactions with dead daughter Laurel’s Earth-Two doppelgänger, who for a stretch there, as the meta-powered Black Siren, helped Diaz terrorize Star City.

“It was kind of a mind-screw, the whole thing, in terms of who she was, reconciling that new relationship, and him trying to find hope in her and everything that she had gone through and become,” the English actor shared.

“All those scenes with Katie [Cassidy], it was a lot of fun,” he continued. “We’ve had six years of playing all that stuff, and it’s been a real, real treat. It’s a shame to see that go, but it’s wonderful to be in this new place now.”